Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: ‘Ready Player One’

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(Image from Warner Bros. Pictures)

Steven Spielberg is my favorite director. Ever. Not a controversial choice I know. Lately his films have been more adult focused which makes it hard to pass that love onto my kids (at least in the terms of current movies). Not that I couldn’t take a kid to see “The Post” but I don’t think it’s my son’s speed (not like “Raiders of the Lost Ark” was). However, a popcorn flick heavily set in pop culture? We’re there.

Today’s show is similar to our episode on “A Wrinkle In Time” in that one of us had read the book (and the other had not). This time I was the one with the book knowledge. I used the knowledge I had of the book to give him a challenge before he could see the movie. He had to solve the first level of Adventure first. A task he didn’t enjoy as much as I thought he would.

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