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Over the past year, GeekMom has reviewed a number of Nintendo products and games for their various consoles. With the holidays arriving fast, we’ve compiled those reviews for your convenience and added information about a few items and information about some special holiday bundles.

Happy holiday shopping!

The Nintendo 3DS Handheld:

Nintendog captured on our carpet with the 3DS

The big new thing from Nintendo this year was the Nintendo 3Ds, which I reviewed in a post that talked of all the various consoles earlier this year.  Originally priced at $249.99, it’s now down to $169.99. There are three special holiday bundles:

*A Flame Red 3DS bundled with the new Super Mario 3D Land game for $199.99.

*A pink 3DS with either the Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog and New Friends or Nintendogs + cats: Toy Poodle and New Friends for $169.99.

*A Special Edition 3DS with the Hyrule emblem and gold-colored embellishments bundled with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D game for $199.99.

And then there are the games that we reviewed:

Pokemom Rumble Blast, Tetris Axis, Star Fox 64 3D,

For the Nintendo DS systems: (XL, DSi, regular DS):

There’s a special bundle of the DSi XL, either metallic rose or midnight blue,  with the Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! for $169.99.

Games for the DS systems:

Note: remember, the consoles are backwards compatible. You can play all DS games on all DS consoles–but you can’t play 3DS games on the earlier consoles.

Magic School Bus Oceans:

We didn’t review the game this year but I have to mention it because two of the game levels were designed by our own GeekMom Amy. In this game, you get to go on a field trip down into the ocean with Ms. Frizzle and her class. There are six different games to play that vary as you go deeper into the ocean. Survive as different animals in the food chain, eating prey while avoiding predators. Race through the ocean as a dolphin, octopus or even a viperfish swimming in the dark. Try to identify different animals using your flashlight in the darkest ocean depths. You can also use scientific tools to explore the different parts of the ocean.

Other games: Pokemon Black Zhu Zhu Babies, Monster Tale, and Ready Set Grover.

GeekMom Cathe Post also recommends:

Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo

A cute and fun puzzle game for girls and boys just starting to read and play video games. By completing puzzles in several different map areas, the player can collect over one hundred eggs and creatures for their zoo. The animals can be leveled up by completing little educational tasks, and much more!

Squinkies 2: Adventure Mall Surprise

great platformer game for players who are just starting out. The player runs through different exciting levels of a mall inviting Squinkies to a party while collecting all of the Squinkies from the original series. Instructions are auditory and rewards are given simply for completing a level. This is a must-have for any Squinkies fan.

For the Wii:

A holiday game bundle:

*The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, a gold-colored Wii Remote Plus controller and a CD with music from the series for $69.99.


GeekMom has reviewed Disney Universe and Cabela’s Adventure Camp and you can find descriptions by clinking on the links to our Games Holiday gift guide.

Nintendo’s also just released Fortune Street which I haven’t had a chance to review yet but it sounds intriguing with its combination of characters from the Mario and Dragon Quest universes in a board game somewhat like Monopoly. The game requires players to buy properties, makes investments and other financial deals.

For All Nintendo Systems:

We’ve reviewed the Lego Harry Potters, Years 5-7 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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