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A Huge Week for GCP: Releasing the New ‘Starfinder’ Actual-Play Podcast

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Androids and Aliens Player Group

With the release of The Glass Cannon Podcast’s new Starfinder based show, Androids and Aliens, this week is jam-packed full of GCP goodness. In addition to Androids and Aliens releasing on Wednesday April 25th, another regular Glass Cannon Podcast Giant Slayer episode released Monday, a Cannon Fodder on Thursday, and Raiders of the Lost Continent to top it all off!

Like the two podcasts linked above, Androids and Aliens is free for all!

What Is the GCP?

The GCP has been putting out one of the best-produced and highly-entertaining actual-play podcasts there is. They have consistently released their episodes weekly for the past couple of years. Listening to them play Pathfinder’s Giant Slayer Adventure Path, there’s hundreds of hours of entertainment available. As we’ve discussed multiple times on GeekDad, if you’re at all interested in actual-play podcasts or just want to learn from a model of superb roleplaying, this is one you must add to your playlist.

As a reward for breaking $10,000 per month on their Patreon, GCP promised to produce a second podcast. Reaching this Patreon goal around the same time Paizo released the enormously successful and well-received Starfinder Roleplaying Game, the folks at the Glass Cannon Podcast decided to give us their rendition of the Dead Suns Starfinder Adventure Path.

Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path, Androids and Aliens

Releasing this Wednesday April 25th is the first episode of this highly anticipated game. I’m already listening to another Actual Play Dead Suns Adventure Path, but, with intentions of running Dead Suns as a play-by-post campaign, I’m excited to experience another version of the game. Further, given how well the GCP interweaves individual character stories into the pre-written campaign, I’m sure the story will be original and full of surprises even if you’re familiar with the Dead Suns story.

Over the past couple weeks the GCP has been teasing us with introductions to their Starfinder characters for the new Androids and Aliens podcast. Here’s the first of those teasers; check out the related videos on YouTube for the rest.

The Glass Cannon Patreon has now more than doubled its original goal, pulling in an insane $21,000 per month from over 3,000 subscribers. While stunning, it’s totally deserved. The single, original podcast is entertainment well worth the $5 a month I’m putting into it (and higher reward tiers are tempting). All the rest of the podcasts subscribers are getting are just icing on the cake! In addition to the original GCP, listeners have access to the Starfinder podcast, a second Pathfinder podcast The Raiders of the Lost Continent (if you’re a Patreon subscriber), based in Paizo’s Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path, and more bonus content such as Pathfinder Society games, and deleted scenes.

Four GCP Podcasts This Week!

And this week we get an episode from every podcast; a new episode of the original Giant Slayer–based Glass Cannon Podcast, an episode of the now monthly Cannon Fodder, where the members of the GCP read fan mail and discuss the campaigns and more general roleplaying topics, a new episode of Raiders of the Last Continent, and the premier episode of the Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path, Androids and Aliens. Most episodes are coming in at over an hour at this point, so that’s likely well over four hours of content! (Update: and according to a reader, we’re getting the first three episodes of AnA on Wednesday!)

Ruins of Azlant Cover Image with GCP logo
‘Raiders of the Lost Continent’ is the Glass Cannon Podcast’s play-through of ‘Pathfinder’s Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path.’ Illustration from Paizo, logo from GCP.

Expertly Crafted Podcasts

The GCP puts out superbly produced shows. Playing face-to-face, and not playing live, means the sound quality is top-notch. They expertly use Syrinscape for sound effects and music with show specific riffs and sounds. Their editing and post production leave you focused on the show, being drawn into the story and the characters as the events unfold. Recorded as an audio show, it’s perfect for listening to while driving, or performing other tasks around home or work. As I’ve said before, having a GCP to listen to makes me want to go on a long drive, or wash the dishes, for instance!

All of this is only getting better as they’ve been upping their quality by investing some of their Patreon funds into a recording space, and equipment for the show.

GCP Players at the game table in The Attic
Image of “The Attic” GCP recording studio, taken from the loft. Screen capture from GCP Youtube video.

In addition to being entertaining, the level of storytelling and roleplaying demonstrated by all the members of the Glass Cannon Podcast is a model for us all to aspire to. Listening to the show, as well as their discussions on Cannon Fodder, provides all sorts of ideas, tricks, and techniques that anyone of any game experience could start incorporating in their games. My regular Pathfinder group has learned a ton from listening to the GCP.

Get ready for some grand adventure and engaging actual-play entertainment as this will be quite a week for the Glass Cannon Podcast Network and their listeners.

Artwork of the Glass Cannon team
Illustration of the members of the ‘Glass Cannon Podcast.’ For their ‘Dead Suns’ adventure path they added Ellinor Dilorenzo as a fifth member, not pictured in this Illustration.

Update: I mistakenly said that you needed to be a Patreon subscriber to get Androids and Aliens… but it’s free for all!

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