Review: The Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC Was Interesting Enough to Change My Mind

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Back in 2016, I swore off reviewing Bluetooth headsets unless they were exceptional. I stuck to my guns for about a year. I’ve turned several down, including from Plantronics. Still, they finally got my interest when they wrote me about the Voyager 6200 UC.

Professional styling. Source: Plantronics.

A professional grade neckband headset that connects to up to two devices at a time (and can remember 8)? That part isn’t exceptional. The price? $209 seems exceptional, and not in a good way (although I do have to note that this is down $90 from the original pricing). Except the reason for the price is the noise cancellation technology inside. Four omni-directional microphones inside the neckband pick up sound from all around and cut out background noise. This lets you focus on work.

As someone who regularly uses a white noise app with his existing earbuds, that kind of functionality is extremely welcome. Also welcome is that Plantronics included a dedicated noise canceling toggle – because why have it on when you don’t need it (e.g, working at home alone)?

Lookit all the goodies. Source: Plantronics.

I real-world tested the Voyager 6200 UC for a solid month. I used it in place of my Jabra Sport Elites for music, talking, and background noise. Callers absolutely preferred the Voyager to my Jabra, saying that calls were clearer for them. I had an easier time with the Voyager due to it remembering multiple devices and having a longer battery life. The controls and toggles are easy to master as well. I loved the little charging cradle it came with (you can also charge directly with microUSB).

It’s adorable. Source: Plantronics.

This may be Plantronics’ first neckband headphones, but the years of experience making Bluetooth headsets translates well here. The only question is if the heavy price tag is worth it for you. As a personal investment, maybe not. Especially not, say, for runners. However, as a business expense or for the serious college student? I can see it.

Note: Plantronics offered me this unit to review and test. This is only the second offered Bluetooth headset since my article to make it to my doorstep. There were a lot more.

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