Laugh and Love With Pokemon X•Y Pocket Comics

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The front cover, art by Santa Harukaze

Thanks to VIZ Media, an English edition of Pokémon X•Y Pocket Comics is now available. Originally published in Japan in July of 2014, English-speaking fans have been waiting for two-and-a-half years to enjoy the wit, humor, and fun of these Kalos Pokémon comics. The long wait is well rewarded, however. Chespin and friends take the reader through the Central, Coastal, and Mountain Pokédexes in a wonderfully fun adventure.

Pokémon X • Y Pocket Comics opens with Chespin at the movies and closes with Mega Mewtwo Y’s new look. Along the way, the reader is treated to quizzes, tips, and jokes that bring each Pokémon to life. My favorites, though, are the many life lessons taught by our fantastic friends. Quick examples include Skiddo giving us a lesson on interpersonal skills, and Chespin identifying the petty behavior of a vain Pokémon.

Of course, no kids’ book is complete without a good dose of silliness. From terrible puns to clever quips, Santa Harukaze (the author and illustrator) displays a range of jokes that can surprise humorists of any level. And of course, if you read every page, you’ll eventually find a fart joke for your kid who loves hunting for bathroom humor.

My son is particularly smitten with his copy of Pokemon X•Y Pocket Comics, and can be spotted reading it to his Chespin. Living up to its name, the Pocket Comics are bound in a 4×6 book which fits most anywhere with ease, including his coat pocket. Hopefully we will see another book in this series for Pokémon Sun and Moon!

Have you read Pokemon X•Y Pocket Comics? Let us know what you think in the comments, or review it on Amazon, so other readers know what they’re getting! Normally I wouldn’t encourage folks to post a review on Amazon, but there are only a couple of reviews there, and I don’t want Pokémon fans to miss a cool product.

Disclaimer: VIZ Media was kind enough to provide a copy for review purposes.

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