Snow Day? GeekDad and GeekMom Have You Covered!

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Is your family among the millions impacted by a snow-bombing cyclone this weekend? Tired of dealing with kids who have “electronics hangovers” after hours of video games, television, movies, and the like? We’re here to help! Though the sites have been refreshed, there are years of projects and ideas perfect for snow days right here at GeekDad and GeekMom! So, turn off the devices–except whatever device you’re using to read this post, of course–and spend some quality family time together.

Have a Conversation

Seriously. Not only is it free (you know, not counting any therapy needed years later), but can lead to some unexpected insights into what both kids and parents are thinking. If it’s been a while since you sat down and had a conversation, consider this opportunity the impetus to do so.

If you need a warm-up, we suggest busting out Rory’s Story Cubes. The Batman-licensed cubes were among our 2015 games of the year. If you don’t own a set of physical story cubes, you can download a digital version of Rory’s Story Cubes (currently retailing for $1.99). I know, using the app isn’t breaking the electronic device stranglehold, but you should have been prepared by owning a number of the physical cube sets already. Whether the physical or digital version, storytelling can be a gateway into more meaningful conversations.

Rory’s Story Cubes: Batman. Image: Gamewright

Make Something With All That Snow

Snowmen? Sure, I suppose. However, if you’re headed outside to take advantage of all the free building material that Mother Nature dumped on your lawn, why not let your family truly express some creative freedom? Growing up in the 1980s, I was a huge Calvin & Hobbes fan, and there are plenty of snow day ideas you can mine from those comics.

After building your mind-bending masterpiece outside, bring some snow indoors and use it to refuel. Alternatively, make yourself some Igor Bars, using whatever you have in the pantry, though we are partial to this minty holiday version.

‘Dork Tower’ courtesy of honorary GeekDad John Kovalic.

Games, Unplugged

If Rory’s Story Cubes have you itching for additional gaming, then clear the table and break out the deck, dice, miniatures, and/or whatever tabletop games you have around the house. Again, if you’re not already prepared, then your only recourse is to make up a game on the fly (which we highly recommend). We suggest a long gaming session paired with the above Igor Bars.

You can make sure you’re not caught unprepared for the next snowmaggedon by picking up some of our recent GeekDad game of the year honorees.

Paper Crafts

If all that snow has you inspired to make some snowy decorations of your own, you can always go for the traditional paper snowflake.


Step up your snowflake game. Go with a geek-themed snowflake like those found here or the ones found here to bring a little pizzazz to the craft table. Or, if you’re feeling funky, take them to another level by making 3-D paper snowflakes.

Photo by Lisa Kay Tate.

Make Some Art

Don’t feel like folding and cleaning up a cutting mess? Not a problem. Check out our Be the Artist series and find other ways to turn all that paper into works of art.

Photo by Lisa Kay Tate.

DIY Projects

GeekDad and GeekMom have no shortage of DIY projects. You can search the GeekDad DIY archive and/or the GeekMom DIY archive for projects, or simply use them for inspiration in coming up with your own snow day projects.

A couple of our recent favorites include Wonder Woman Slime and Super Mario Odyssey Chain Chompikins.

Photo by Kelly Knox.


Just give in already and let the kids have (limited) electronics time. For best results, insert a little family time into the mix… watch a movie or TV show together, play games together, or whatever. Who knows, maybe your shared electronics time will facilitate the conversation you put off having earlier?

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