Donna Troy, cover, Titans #19

Review – Titans #19: Falling Apart

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Donna Troy, cover, Titans #19
Donna Troy can’t do anything right. Image copyright DC Comics

Titans #19 – Dan Abnett, Writer; Paul Pelletier, Penciller; Andrew Hennessy, Inker; Adriano Lucas, Colorist

Ray – 3/10

Corrina: So Much Wrong


Ray: Picking up from the aftermath of the Troia storyline comes Titans #19 is a breather issue that unfortunately essentially nukes the concept of the series in the worst way possible. It takes place in two timelines, and the less interesting (but also less irritating) segment of the issue focuses on Roy Harper on a solo mission. The reasons for the solo mission and his bad mood will be explored later, but he’s on the trail of some sort of drug cartels. He runs around the city while talking on the phone to Donna Troy, and eventually beats up a lot of generic thugs before being shot at to end the issue. But how he got there is one of the worst issues released so far in Rebirth. See, it seems that the Troia storyline and all the subterfuge about who the traitor among the Titans was has attracted the attention of the Justice League – and they’ve decided to shut the Titans down.

There are so many issues with this concept I don’t even know where to begin, but let’s start with the obvious – the Titans are adults. Dick points this out, but Batman’s response is to say that all superheroes answer to the League. Since…when? They express concerns about Wally’s health, which is somewhat legitimate, but who caused those health problems again? Why are the Titans being shut down while Damian’s team is allowed to operate unmolested? Wonder Woman wanting to essentially take Donna into custody to study her and make sure she won’t go evil again is easily the worst plot point, though – Diana’s every appearance in this book has been a disaster, making her look shockingly antagonistic.

Overall, this picks up on the very flawed annual and makes the League look like ridiculous heels – and Dick’s decision to go along with this and shut down the team, for now, is even more ridiculous. But then, this book concept has never really worked, and they may have a point – do we need a Titans team?

Justice League, Titans, Titans #19 cover
“The Justice League is being a jerk!” image copyright DC Comics

Corrina: When you have a comic where Batman is more compassionate than Wonder Woman, and Wonder Woman is more realistic and cynical than Batman, you have a problem.

When you have a comic that had a chance to do away with the utterly horrible New 52 “Donna Troy was a clay creation of war” origin and yet doubles down on that, you have a problem.

When you have a comic where the Justice League finds out exactly what happened with Troia (somehow?) and finds punishing the Titans more important than doing their jobs, you have a problem. (Indeed, no one had a problem with Damian kidnapping potential members of his team.)

When you waste the return of Wally West to the DC Universe, you have a problem.

This entire run has lurched from one disaster to the next. I don’t know what would make the Titans concept work again but I know this is not it.

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    1. I love these characters a great deal but aside from some great scenes in the original Titans Hunt, this series has not …well, been very good.

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