Leviathan—Your New LEGO Ideas Ship In a Bottle

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LEGO Ship in a Bottle Leviathan Display
Image: LEGO

LEGO had announced our newest obsession, a LEGO Ideas ship in a bottle. This kit features a battleship named Leviathan, little globes for the mohagany-colored base, a decorative compass, and a brick-built bottle and cork.

The assembled kit is over 108 cubic-inches, and is made of 962 pieces. Once assembled, it makes for a marvelous display piece and is sure to be a great conversation starter.

U. S. Constitution ship in a bottle
Image Courtesy of Handcrafted Model Ships

Inspired by traditional ships in bottles, the Leviathan recalls a wonderfully detailed hobby that LEGO builders sometimes dream of, but rarely have time for. The USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) shown above is a more traditional option, but I’m sure it’s much, much less fun to own since it comes pre-assembled. And obviously, who wants a ship you can’t play with?

Image: LEGO
Image: LEGO

Being made by LEGO, the Leviathan can be taken out and played with if the builder so desires, so it’s great for nautically-inclined geeks, too. Sadly, the fully-engaged cannons are totally just for show, and sound effects are not included.

Image: LEGO Ship in a bottle
Image: LEGO

The LEGO Ship in a Bottle (21313) is avaiable beginning February 1, 2018, and runs $69.99. With 962 pieces, this kit well surpasses the 10-cent rule, coming in at 7 cents per piece. Even if you ignore the 280 translucent-blue water pips, it still comes out at 10 cents per piece! Definitely a value. The kit is not available for pre-order, so join me in anxiously awaiting February.

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