Nintendo Switch Cartridge Case

A Geeky Do-It-Yourself Nintendo Switch Cartridge Case

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If you are like me, then one Nintendo Switch game is not nearly enough. So I came up with an extra geeky but do-it-yourself way to carry all of those games in style. I opted for a soft-sided case for my Nintendo Switch and I reviewed it a few weeks ago right here on GeekDad:

Review: The Waterfield Nintendo Switch Pouch

But even if you opted for a hard case that only holds the Nintendo Switch itself, you may be in a similar position of needing something to keep all of those tiny Switch game cartridges in one place. There are a lot of relatively cheap but very effective plastic cases out there, but I wanted something a little unique. So I did what many husbands out there would do… I asked my wife. I knew she had some small containers and tins, but what she pulled out for me was just too perfect not to share.

Nintendo Switch Cartridge Case
Look who is peeking out of my Nintendo Switch Case! (Photo by Skip Owens)

This really ended up being a perfect theme for me because I recently purchased the Namco Museum for Nintendo Switch game, which, of course, has PAC-MAN. So when my wife pulled out this PAC-MAN Cherry Ghost Sours candy tin, I knew this would make an awesome little carrying case for my Switch cartridges. All I needed to do to make this little tin work was to grab one of the dozens of microfiber cleaning cloths I had lying around the house to use as a liner–so the cartridges wouldn’t rattle around–and I had the perfect geeky Switch cartridge case (at least for me).

Nintendo Switch Cartridge Case
The inside of my little PAC-MAN ghost tin even looks like a white sheet… the classic go-to ghost costume. (Photo by Skip Owens)

If PAC-MAN isn’t your thing, then there is no shortage of candy tins (Altoids and PEZ just to name a few) that I’m sure will have a theme that will suit your tastes. Do you have a do-it-yourself Nintendo Switch cartridge case idea? If so, please share in the comments section of this post.

Nintendo Switch Cartridge Case
A perfect fit for my little red ghost friend inside my zippered soft-sided case. (Photo by Skip Owens)
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