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5 Reasons to Read ‘The Magic Misfits’ by Neil Patrick Harris

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Neil Patrick Harris of How I Met Your MotherDoogie Howser, and award ceremony MC fame has turned his talent for comedy and observation to children’s literature. The Magic Misfits is a classic middle-grade caper with a magical twist. Harris was President of the Academy of Magical Arts for a period of time and leans on magical tradition for his novel. What follows is an entertaining read with thrills, spills, and daring do. Here are five reasons to read The Magic Misfits. 

  1. There’s Magic! Harris draws on his magical expertise to not only add sleight of hand into his story but also teach some tricks as well. There are several interludes in the book where he explains a “simple” magic trick. I say simple, though, time and again, the narrator of the story stresses the importance of practice. A useful message, no matter what skill your children are trying to master.
  2. Teamwork! The Magic Misfits come together after meeting at a magic shop, where they band together to attempt to overcome the villain of the story. They’re a diverse bunch of kids, each of them bringing their own skillset. They also have flaws and weaknesses, but work together to overcome them. The Magic Misfits emphasizes the importance of teamwork in a very positive and inspiring way.
  3. Evil Clowns! Not Pennywise “We all float down here” type evil clowns. Carnival clowns with all the fun of the fair. Yes, clowns are sinister, but they’re also (in theory) amusing, and Harris serves up some theatrical circus shenanigans that are thoroughly entertaining.
  4. The Codes! The Magic Misfits is filled with codes and secret messages. Well, “filled” is probably an exaggeration, but there are few dotted about here and there, and they’re fun to decipher.
  5. It’s Funny! Neil Patrick Harris seems like a fun guy, and his book echoes that. The action is riotous, filled with pratfalls and slapstick, the dialogue zips along, and the sparring between the misfits is very entertaining.

There we have it: five reasons to read this entertaining middle-grade book. One that’s filled with circus pizzaz and more than a little magic.

Readers in the US can buy The Magic Misfits here, and UK readers here. 

If you don’t want to watch my video about Neil Patrick Harris’ book, then watch this one, featuring the man himself. You won’t regret it!

Disclaimer: I was sent a review copy of this book in order to write this post. 

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