MoviePass Brings Back Annual Subscription in Partnership with Costco and Fandor

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Less than a month ago, movie theater subscription service MoviePass announced an annual plan: rather than paying $9.95 a month, members could switch to an annual plan at $89.95 a year. I wrote about it at the time, but what I didn’t know then was that it was a very limited time offer, and after only a week, MoviePass pulled the plug on the annual deal. And, ironically, even though I wrote about the plan and told lots of my friends to switch, I missed out on it.

Today, however, MoviePass announced another new annual plan that is in some ways an even better deal than the last one. The cost is essentially the same–$89.99 for one year. But now, rather than switching to the plan via the MoviePass app, you will need to purchase the plan from Costco online. But, in addition to allowing you to see unlimited movies over the next year for only $90, you will also get a one-year subscription to Fandor, a movie streaming service.

Honestly, I had never heard of Fandor before, but on hearing about this deal I checked them out and I have to say I’m impressed. It’s not a service that is going to replace my Netflix subscription, and it isn’t somewhere you’ll go to see the latest hot Hollywood release, but their catalog, which according to the press release contains over 5,000 titles, has some impressive older titles, include Mad Max, the original Carrie, and much more.

Below I answer some key questions about the new deal. I for one definitely won’t be missing out on the deal this time around.

When is this deal available?

As with last time, this is a limited deal: it will only be available on from today, December 12, through next Monday, December 18.

If I currently have a monthly MoviePass subscription, can I switch to this new deal?

This was the first question I had about the offer. Technically, the offer is only available to new MoviePass subscribers. However, an FAQ provided by the company states that current members can sign up for a new subscription via, using a different email address than the one they currently use. Then, they can cancel their current subscription. This does mean that they will need to get a new MoviePass card, but it seems to me that you can simply wait to cancel your monthly subscription until your new card arrives.

Can I purchase this at my local Costco warehouse?

No. It can only be purchased via

How does the signup process work? 

After completing the purchase at, you will be given a redemption code (I’m assuming via email.) You will then be able to visit and and use the code to redeem your new membership. In the case of MoviePass, you will then need to wait, possibly up to two weeks, for your card to arrive to start fully using the plan. Your Fandor membership will be active immediately.

Are there any additional restrictions on the MoviePass membership?

No, you will be subject to the normal MoviePass terms of service, which basically state that you can see one standard, 2D movie per day. 3D, large format, IMAX, and special events like Fathom screenings are not included.

Can I get this deal even if I don’t have a Costco membership?

Yes, but you will need to pay a 5% surcharge. But $94.17 for unlimited movies in the theater for a year is still a spectacular deal.

If I bought the MoviePass annual plan a few weeks ago, can I add the Fandor package?

The FAQ has some odd wording on this, so I’m going to just quote it directly:

“The bundled offer through Costco can be purchased and applied to your account at the end of your current subscription. Once your current membership ends, you can redeem your Costco promotional offer at There’s no expiration date for the promo code once purchased. You are also able to use the Fandor promo code right away.”

think this means that you can purchase this plan, redeem the Fandor plan right away, and then wait a year and apply the MoviePass redemption code to extend your membership by another year.

Can I gift this?

Yes. The FAQ says that you will have an option to send the subscription as a gift when you check out at

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