Exclusive: A Mighty Book Announcement From Ben Hatke!

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It’s no secret we here at GeekDad HQ are big fans of Ben Hatke. We talked at length about our love for Zita the Spacegirl, Julia’s House for Lost Creatures, Little Robot, and Nobody Likes a Goblin. We’ve even given him the reins and let him talk about the secret soul of creativity.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the time Hatke sat down with my 5-year-old daughter to answer her questions. He’s just all kinds of awesome.

So it’s a distinct pleasure to be able to announce what’s on the horizon for Hatke with First Second Books.

First up, next fall (2018), First Second will be releasing a Zita the Spacegirl box set! It will combine all three bestselling Zita graphic novels into one volume–plus an all-new poster! Seriously, if you haven’t yet jumped on the Zita bandwagon, you’re missing out.

Second, the following fall (2019) will see the release of the third Mighty Jack graphic novel. The third entry in the series will be a big crossover spectacular wherein Jack and Lily team up with none other than… Zita the Spacegirl (and her friends) for the adventure of a lifetime. This is the big one!

The end of the Zita trilogy left a galactic-sized hole in our hearts we didn’t think could be filled. Then Mighty Jack came along and proved us wrong. The first book was a charming entry into a brand-new world that put a fresh twist on the timeless Jack and the Beanstalk story. The second book, Mighty Jack and Goblin King, expanded on what made the first book so great and gave us something that is so much more than the sum of its parts. And it ended with one HECK of a twist!

It’s painful that we have to wait TWO YEARS to read the third Mighty Jack book, but I know the wait will be worth it.

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