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Lightseekers Card Game, Digital Game and Smart Figures.
Lightseekers Card Game, Digital Game and Smart Figures.
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Lightseekers is a combative card game for two or more players with a toys-to-life twist. The card game sets user’s heroes against each other, each with their own offensive and defensive skills. More than 385 printed cards are available, each one providing different heroes with special abilities.

Disclaimer: PlayFusion provided samples of Lightseekers Starter Decks for this review. Opinions are my own.

The free-to-play mobile game (available for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices) builds on the same characters and skill-sets of the card game. Each of the physical cards is scannable by the Lightseekers game to unlock in-game spells, boosts, or even pets for the user’s hero. Bringing the characters from a user’s deck into the game also provides a one-time, in-game bonus.

Lightseekers smart figures are 7 inches tall and interact with the mobile game. They talk, vibrate, and use different colored lights to show levels, status, warn of impending danger, and help guide gameplay within the mobile game. The evolving attributes and accomplishments of a player’s hero are stored within the smart figure–making each one unique to the player. The figures have another unique feature as they can be used as a controller within the mobile game if you add a “flight pack” accessory.

Lightseekers card decks and toys are available in stores and online.

Two new smart figures have just become available: the Dread hero Zyrus and the Mountain hero Boulder! Both are on sale as a Hero Pack, which includes the figure and an exclusive augmented reality hero trading card.

Readers can enter a contest for one (1) Lightseekers Starter Deck that includes:
 One hero card, five combo cards, and 30 action cards (each deck has five exclusive cards that can only be found in these starter deck packs). One booster pack, containing another nine cards that can be used to start building your own custom deck. Each Starter Deck also contains: playmat, health counter, the full game rules, deck storage box, trading shield, and a Tribute card.
Winner will be selected at 12:01am ET, November 27, 2017.
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The interconnectivity of the different facets of the game makes Lightseekers very interesting, but you certainly do not need to purchase any part to enjoy the others. If you are simply interested in the card game with no desire for the mobile game or the smart figures, it is completely possible as the game absolutely stands on its own. The figures and accessories are high-quality, entertaining toys with creative backstories and the mobile game is highly entertaining without the cards or the figures.

Any one of the pieces of Lightseekers is fun, but once you add those parts together, it becomes a robust and entertaining game.

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