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I first heard about BarkBox at a press event and was impressed. The idea of a subscription box for pet toys is perfect, especially considering that my dog is a destructive pup. Only with her own toys, but she loves absolutely taking them apart. The BarkBox team makes a themed box every month and fills it with items from their own store (and now you can get these items at Target as well). I found the branding and packaging adorable. The entire thing felt like a canine Trader Joe’s. But enough of me–what did the dog think?

Two of the three treats were a huge hit. The Astrobacon, alas, does not grab June. She will actually sit, waiting for a treat, and when she sees it coming towards her, keep her mouth shut. (She still eats them; she¬†just won’t snatch them midair.) She’s hoping for something better. But oh that pig’s ear! She took it right out to her favorite hiding spot.

She also didn’t seem all that interested in the asteroid, but that’s because she’s more a tugger than a fetcher. The ring toy seemed like it would be a good choice for her, but she chewed the ring off, making it yet another ball.

“What you mean I doing this wrong?”

Clearly, Junebug is really meant for a toy from their¬†Destroyer line. Now, BarkBox will replace a toy or snack if your dog does not love it. As a reviewer, I felt guilty taking advantage of that. But you should check it out and see if your dog might like it. They have ranges for Chewers, Destroyers, and “Squeaker Seekers”–dogs that tear the stuffing out of toys to silence that squeaking element. June is for sure the latter. I mentioned this to BarkBox, and a few days later…

The second set, college-themed, was just as silly, but Junebug was way more excited. She destroyed the beer pong balls in about thirty minutes, and ripped the fratboy’s squeaker out, parading the “corpse” around the house. The assortment of treats was as well-received as the last box, but without the “meh” reaction to the Astrobacon.

Final verdict? Personally, I’d love to see a bit more focus on tug than on chew and fetch. Other than that, BarkBox feels like a good value for someone with a four-legged family member who wants to let them in on the subscription box fun. The snacks alone are worth the price of admission. At $21 a month for a 12-month plan, I strongly recommend BarkBox as a gift for the dog lover in your family. Even if that person is you.

Note: BarkBox provided a box for review purposes.

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10 thoughts on “Review: BarkBox Is Strictly for the Dogs

  1. BarkBox is great value. We had a sub for close to a year. Just a word of warning: Even their super chewer box doesn’t survive all breeds of dogs. Our beagles managed to destroy 99% of the toys; even the really hard plastic ones.

    So, if people’s dogs are extreme chewers and can even destroy black Kongs, then BarkBox isn’t recommended. Other than that, it’s a great subscription service.

    As a side note: Because of BarkBox, our beagles now think every box that arrives at the house is for them. It’s hilarious.

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