Kamandi Challenge #11, 2017

DC Comics Review – The Kamandi Challenge #11: Mom!!

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Kamandi Challenge #11, 2017
Kamandi Challenge #11 cover, image via DC Comics

The Kamandi Challenge #11 – Rob Williams, Writer; Walter Simonson, Artist; Laura Martin, Colorist

Ray – 6/10

Corrina: Gorilla Squad!

Ray: The penultimate issue of this maxiseries brings on the legendary artist Walter Simonson (best known for his definitive run on Thor) for a visually spectacular issue that unfortunately pairs him with Rob Williams and a story that doesn’t quite do that art justice. At the start of the issue, Kamandi’s mother – who was shot last issue – turns out to not be his mother at all, revealing her to be a robot as she fades away. She then turns into a rocketship (yes, really) and takes off towards the stars with Kamandi and other fighters unwillingly on board. Several of the death-worshipping cat warriors and the cyborg sharks are along for the ride, but they mostly fall quickly before an army of the robots we were introduced to in #9. Armed with a Jet-pack, Kamandi heads towards the space base.

That’s where this issue gets weird, as Kamandi arrives in a space station occupied by an evil mutated dwarf named the Misfit. He’s apparently the mastermind behind everything Kamandi’s gone through over the last ten issues, and he’s also holding Kamandi’s father – who may still be alive. The problem is, unlike past antagonists, the Misfit is a cartoonish villain, and his sole character trait seems to be that he’s ugly and people make fun of him for it. I was much more interested in the Gorilla pirates that attack the space station and become uneasy allies to Kamandi. The issue’s action-packed, sure, but it lacks the charm or thrills of past issues, and feels more like it’s cover-banding Kirby than anything else. It’s down to Gail Simone and Ryan Sook next month to bring this erratic but compelling series to a close.

Kamandi Challenge #11
So much for the family reunion. Image via DC Comics

Corrina: Gorilla pilot! Cyber Sharks!! Awesome. One-dimensional villain giving us hints as to Kamandi’s father? Not so good.

Overall, though, the series has been a glorious ride that’s a throwback to the classic serials. Can’t wait to read the ending.

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