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Creation Crate Is Back With Maker Kits for Learning Electronics, Programming, and AR!

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Creation Crate

This post is sponsored by Creation Crate.
Creation Crate is a monthly subscription box program that delivers wonderful electronics components and amazing projects with detailed learning plans to educate kids in the world of making. They are back this year with a new IndieGoGo campaign to get the word out about their new curriculum that includes all new projects, including teaching kids how to develop augmented reality!

We’ve featured Creation Crate in the past, but we think the new update to their program is really special because of what they’ve added:

We’re introducing 4 new features to our entire newly designed project curriculum!¬†Augmented Reality will change the experience in how you learn. Facebook Messenger Tokens will change how you access information. The online classroom will be free to anyone! And the Ultimate Maker Kit makes it all accessible to large groups and¬†classrooms!

These monthly boxes are perfect for kids who are excited about electronics and programming, leading them through projects step-by-step. Creation Crate is also developing an online classroom to help get kids engaged even more. The curriculum is perfect for homeschooling, clubs, and schools who want to get their kids ready for the future.

The funding campaign on IndieGoGo right now is offering great Early Bird deals for the new boxes, starting at just $35 for a 1-month subscription. You can also sign up for the full year program (boxes start shipping in March) for just $355 (Early Bird special, so hurry), or get the special school sets that include all 12 months worth of projects and components at special pricing. And if you want something to put under the tree this holiday season, there’s a 1-month box with a special early-delivery project that will arrive in time.


As a special Black Friday promotion, the campaign is offering a special limited edition holiday box for free with any 3-month or longer subscription. This is the perfect way to deliver the joy of education for the holidays!

The Creation Crate campaign is ongoing, but the Early Bird specials are going fast, so if you think your kids (or you) would love to learn electronics, programming, and the technology behind our augmented reality future, go subscribe!


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