‘Battle Chef Brigade’ Served Hot on Steam and Switch

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Mina, a human female protagonist from Battle Chef Brigade, leaps into the air and shoots darts at a nearby dragon, who is shooting flame below her.
Mina is one of the three competitors in ‘Battle Chef Brigade.’ I guess this dragon is “sous-chef” for now. Image: Trinket Studios

Warning: puns follow.

I’ve been drooling after Battle Chef Brigade since getting a taste at PAX West in 2015. The lead chefs at Trinket studios: Tom Eastman, Eric Huang, and Ben Perez, learned to cook at Disney Interactive’s Wideload Games before forming their own kitchen, so you know they’ve got skillet making delicious games.

Since tasting the demo, I’ve been watching from afar as the Trinket Studios team have labored over their dish. Only the best ingredients have been used, including hand-crafted artisanal animations, meaty brawler mechanics, a dash of RPG progression, and topped with a delightful match-three crumble.

Mina standing behind a stove. Beneath her location is a match-3 game of ingredients that the player manipulates to cook.
It’s stew bad I didn’t have a pre-release copy of the game or I could have shared some cooking strategy. Image: Trinket Studios

The final dish invites the patron to imagine themselves a budding chef, hunting their own food and using collected ingredients to prepare a meal for judges, in the manner of Iron Chef.

I don’t know if you’ll see a review from me. It’s likely I’ll be playing this souperb game for flours on end, unable to wok away.

Judges sit behind six food dishes. Icons above their head shows what they like in a meal. Mina and another character stand to the sides of the table.
I hope my puns haven’t cost Mina the competition; I only made them ingest! Image: Trinket Studios

With pop-up locations on both console and PC, you doughn’t have any reason to walk pasta this one. Battle Chef Brigade is fresh from the oven and waiting for you at the Nintendo Switch store, or on Steam, for $19.99.

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