Two Kickstarter Reminders — 3D Printable Terrain Systems

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If you’re a wargamer or a DM/GM who owns a 3D printer, you’ll want to take a quick look at two Kickstarters that are close to finishing. Each of them offer up 3D printable terrain for your game table, and both offer “buy-it-once, print-as-many-as-you-need” pieces. I’ve printed sample files from both, and they are outstanding.

Fat Dragon GamesDragonlock 3: Dangerous Lairs

Dragon Lock 3

Fat Dragon Games is winding down its third Kickstarter (fully funded) by once again offering an amazing array of terrain pieces, add-ons, and stretch goals. Owner Tom Tullis never skimps on freebies for his backers, and the list of stretch goal items is almost as large as the terrain collections he’s offering. There is WAY TOO MUCH to list here, but just take a look at his Dwarven statues, the mountain pieces, and the Starships (Part 1 and Part 2) collections. Even the Add-ons have bonus pieces tossed in!

Note: For those of you who are using the OpenForge dungeon terrain pieces, rest assured that Fat Dragon Games pieces will integrate; a new beta clip is available here.

Tom doesn’t sleep, apparently. The man is always creating, and if you sign up for Fat Dragon Games’ newsletter, you’ll get a free terrain piece each month. Honestly, I cannot keep up with Tom, and my 3D printer just can’t print fast enough.

You can read my earlier post on Dragonlock 3 here.


Necroplex3D Printable Sci-Fi Terrain Building Blocks

Down to less than a week, this Kickstarter has already reached its required funding and has been meeting stretch goals consistently. I’ve been printing dozens of these pieces over the last week, and it’s such a great idea! You’re not printing out complete terrain fixtures… instead, you’re printing out the framework and filling it all in with dowels, PVC pipe, and 5mm foam core. The 3D printed plastic pieces form the framework and allow you to design incredible dioramas quickly for your sci-fi wargames and RPGs.

What’s really fun about playing with these pieces is how easy it is to try out a structure and then break it down and start over. Edge pieces slide over 5mm foam core and clips allow you to snap components such as edges and struts. All of the pieces have an amazing amount of granular detail — pipes and conduits, wiring, fan blades, etc. This stuff is going to look incredible when painted up!

This is a father-and-son project — John and his son have created a truly unique system for assembling 3D terrain fast and easy. They’re also looking at building a community that can share designs/plans and offer up suggestions for new pieces.

You can read my earlier post on Necroplex here.

Note: If you know of any new Kickstarters related to 3D printable terrain or companies offering 3D terrain, please let me know in the comments. I’m always happy to check out new systems and terrain offerings and review them here.

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