new kickstarter projects

9 Nifty New Kickstarter Projects This Week

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Check out these awesome new Kickstarter Projects:

new kickstarter projects

Lovebox | A simple and generous way to send love messages
IoT at its most adorable.


Goliath CNC – An Autonomous Robotic Machine Tool for Makers
Makes precise cuts to the very surface it’s roaming around on.


”Rev-O-mate” assist your creative design/art works
A Japanese illustrator came up with this quirky input device.


colorspike – create in color
From the makers of Pixelstick, it’s a whole lighting rig in a box.


TheoryBoard | Music Theory Made Easy
“Never play a wrong note again,” once you learn a few things about scales.


Unruly Splats: Active STEM Play
Programmable light-up buttons that kids can jump on.


I’m Back™ Pro Low cost digital back for 35mm Analog Cameras
A nice hack for old cameras/lenses.


Base4 Clock – New From GeekOClock
Even geekier than the same designer’s Fibonacci Clock?


T-BOTS | Balancing Robots
When you’re walking, or in this case rolling, you’re always falling

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