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7 Spectacular New Kickstarter Projects This Week

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Check out these awesome new Kickstarter Projects:

new kickstarter projects

Embr Wave: A Thermostat For Your Body
Changes your temperature mindset by cooling/warming a spot on your wrist.


Electric Paint Lamp Kit – paint, plug and play
Make your own lamps with cut paper and conductive goo.


Yomee – The World’s First Automatic Yogurt Maker
Add milk and a Yomee pod, wait six hours, eat homemade yogurt.


K-Pan: the 3D Printed Panoramic Camera
Assemble this kit, add a lens, shoot widescreen photos on analog film.


Woobo: The Educational Robot for Curious Kids
Like a “kid-friendly search engine” in a plush disguise.


Mabot, Plug-n-Play Robotic Toy
You don’t have to turn the power off while you mix and match modules.


SoaPen: Make Hand Washing Fun for Kids
These women won a UNICEF challenge with a low-tech approach to better hygiene. 

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  1. Awesome! there’s, in fact, a very similar watch called “Aircon Watch” on Kickstarter that works on the similar theory.

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