5 Reasons to Kickstart For The Win

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For the Win!For the Win!This is just a quick note to tell you about a zany tile-based game called For The Win that’s currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Despite the title which gives me fits when I think about how it should be capitalized, For The Win looks like a lot of fun: it has similarities to Hive in that the tiles form the playing surface and you have to keep all the tiles connected. But then it has its own twists.

I’ve backed it myself already, but here are a few reasons you should check it out before the campaign ends on Tuesday, February 7:

  1. Hive is a great game, but it’s about bugs. For The Win has zombies, ninjas, pirates, aliens, and monkeys!
  2. If you back it (at any level), you’ll have immediate access to the print-and-play version so you can start playing before you get the nice chunky-tile version.
  3. Right now they’ve already hit their goal so the game is guaranteed to print. But if they hit $25,000 before the end of the campaign, they’ll double the tiles so you can go up to 3-4 players (or have 2 individual games going at once). I want that to happen, so I’m probably going to go increase my pledge. (Note: the extra tiles will be included for anyone who pledges at least $15.)
  4. Tasty Minstrel Games puts a lot of effort into making sure their game components are high quality. I’ve got a couple of their other games that I just haven’t gotten to yet, but they all look great. So I expect this one to be just as slick.
  5. Tasty Minstrel Games’ stated mission is: “To heal the world by providing games that strengthen family unity, communication, and love.” Who wouldn’t love that?

Want more information? Here’s the rulebook if you want to learn how to play (it’s really quick to learn), and then head over to the Kickstarter page for more in-depth info and to pre-order your copy. FTW!

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