Meet Hello Kitty’s Aggretsuko and Her Ai-TatA Bag

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Hello Kitty’s initiative to come up with relatable characters hit home for me with Aggretusko. I love her adorable red panda features and office worker storyline. Her Ai-TatA bag fits well into my daily routine and holds everything I need.

Aggretsuko is a frustrated office worker by day and heavy metal karaoke singer by night (okay maybe I’m more of a 90’s *NSYNC karaoke singer but you get the point).

The Ai-TatA bag features Aggretsuko’s adorable red panda features, a removable strap, two standard handles, and a clear front zipper area that lets you express yourself by filling it with anything that showcases who you are.

Aggretsuko bag is bigger than it looks. \ Image: Sanrio
Aggretsuko bag starter kit is bigger than it looks. \ Image: Sanrio

I started out using the items from the starter kit and as I found other trinkets I threw those in there as well. I found it a neat place to toss my 501st Legion trading cards and my GeekMom trading cards.

The Ai-TatA bag starter kit gets you:

  • (1) 3-inch button
  • (1) pouch
  • (1) jumbo acrylic trinket
  • (1) plush keychain
    and of course the bag!

The pouch is a decent enough size to hold your standard loose articles like coins, pens, stickers, or contact lenses.

To give you an idea of how much this bag will fit, here is what I generally take with me to work:

Aggretsuko bag holds quite a few cokes. \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
Aggretsuko bag keeps me caffeinated for those boring office meetings. \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

I take an entirely different set of tools with me to school.

Look at what it holds! \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
Look at what it holds! \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

Here’s a list of everything I was able to fit in the bag:


Despite the adorableness of Aggretsuko, the bag is not without a few complaints. There are no inner pockets for small item organization and no snap or zipper closure system for the main compartment. Both complaints are easily fixed though.

Snaps are easy to install and one or two would satisfy me just fine.

If you grab a medium sized bag organizer from Amazon it will make up for the lack of inner pocket and help keep you organized at the same time.

Even with those two minor complaints, I love my Aggretusko bag and look forward to many a trip to the office with it. And when Friday hits, its perfect for my weekend out and about at conventions, bookstores, and my other geeky hangouts.

The Aggretusko Ai-tatA bag starter kit is available from Sanrio’s website and retails for $58.00.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review sample.

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