Geek Daily Deals 100717 anime sale first aid kits

Geek Daily Deals Oct. 7, 2017: Anime Sale; Save on First Aid Kits

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Geek Daily Deals 100717 anime sale first aid kits


Geek Daily Deals:

Save on anime: Attack on Titan, Outlaw Star, and Dimension W:

Ready to catch up on some classic anime, fill out your collection, or get a gift for the anime fan in your life? Here’s a few deals today that will help you do that:

Attack on Titan: Junior High – The Complete Series

  • The hit show Attack on Titan is reimagined in this feel-good junior high microseries! See all your favorite characters getting into middle school shenanigans complete with secret love interests, class presidents, and chaotic cultural festivals.
  • Eren and his friends are the hapless first-year students at Attack Junior High, a unique school for both humans and Titans alike. That’s right… Titans go to class, too-in their own gigantic classrooms with their larger-than-life school supplies and benches as big as buildings! And while most humans are happy to avoid the massive monstrosities, Eren will stop at nothing to exact revenge on the hungry Titan who ate something more precious than human life-his mom’s homemade chee-burg bento! Join the secret Scout Regiment as they plan to stop the Titans while Eren masters the omni-directional mobility gear to clean the massive wall surrounding the campus.

Pick it up today for just $28!

Outlaw Star: The Complete Series

  • Gene Starwind is a jack-of-all-trades responsible for odd jobs and bounty hunting with his partner, Jim Hawking. Stuck on a rundown planet, he’s going nowhere fast. But when a bodyguard job goes sideways, he finds himself the proud owner of the Outlaw Star and on an adventure to find the mysterious Galactic Leyline. Facing pirates and dangers galore, can he survive the journey through space? The Collector’s Edition includes a metallic-finish chipboard box inspired by the design of the spaceship with a hatch opening, plus a 100 page artbook.

Pick it up today for just $30!

Dimension W: Season One

  • In the near future, devices known as “coils” harness the power of another dimension. Seeking illegal coils, bounty hunter Kyoma Mabuchi spends his days resisting the use of dimensional energy. That is, until a very realistic and adorable robot, Mira, gets mixed up in things. Partnering with the reluctant Kyoma on his missions, together they uncover the truth behind the mysterious power.

Pick it up today for just $28!


Be Smart Get Prepared 100 or 250 Piece First Aid Kit:

Family safety is on all our minds lately, and perhaps now is the time to make sure you have up-to-date first aid kits in your house. These deals on 10-person and 50-person capacity first aid kits will help ensure you can take care of problems if they arise.

  • 100/250 pieces of comprehensive first aid treatment products. Manufactured by the leading manufacturer of First Aid Kits in the USA.
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI 2009 guidelines for 10/50 people. Ideal for businesses and perfect for family use at home
  • Fully organized interior compartments provides quick access. Rugged, sturdy hard plastic case is impact resistant
  • Compact size case mesaures 7.5in x 2.5in x 6.8in, is portable and can easily fit anywhere.
  • Wall mounts or folds compactly for storage. Easy slide latches securely locks into place.

Get the 10-person capacity kit for just $10 today!

Get the 50-person capacity kit for just $16 today!


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