Geek Daily Deals 102417 led desk lamp dual monitor mount

Geek Daily Deals Oct. 24, 2017: LED Desk Lamp w/ Color Temp. Control; Dual Monitor Mount

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Geek Daily Deals 102417 led desk lamp dual monitor mount


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AUKEY 10W Dimmable LED Table Lamp with USB Charging Port, Color Temperature Adjustment, Touch Control, Timer, and Memory Function:

It seems like the concept of color temperature really only came into the public consciousness with the advent of compact florescent, and then LED bulbs. Back in the day, there was just the warm incandescent bulbs we all had at home, and the glaringly-cold florescent bulbs in workshops and businesses. And then we needed to start saving energy by using these new bulbs, but when we got them into our homes, they made things look so cold! And so, we learned about color temperature, and experienced much the same transition when coming into LED lights, which are SO efficient. But these days, we can get lovely-looking warm LEDs as well. However, I haven’t seen a consumer-level lamp where you can customize the color temperature before, which is very cool!

  • Multi-Purpose Desk Lamp: LED desk lamp brings bright white light or soft, warm light to your study, bedroom, or office. It meets the need for extra illumination on the nightstand or in your favorite reading spot
  • Highly Adjustable Lighting: Find the right light intensity and color temperature for your task and preference with the dimmer and color temperature touch button. Also features a convenient 3-minute timer, sleep mode and lighting memory function
  • Adaptable & Sophisticated Design: Rotating, pivoting lamp head and folding lamp arm for fine-tuned lamp position and lighting angle. An effective lighting solution that uses minimal space and adds a touch of modern style on your desk
  • Faster USB Charging: The built-in USB port (positioned on the left side edge of the base) charges almost any USB-powered device like your smartphone, tablet, or wireless earbuds at up to 5V 2.4A
  • Package Contents: AUKEY ST-31 10W LED Desk Lamp, Power Adapter, User Manual, 45-Day Money Back Guarantee and 24-Month Product Replacement Warranty Card

Special deal today when you use coupon code AUKEST31 and get this lamp for $35!

HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount With Full Motion Monitor Arm Stand, Height Adjustable Computer Monitor Riser with Gas Spring, and Cable Management for Two 15 to 27 Inch LCD Screens:

When productivity (either business or gaming) demands you have as much screen real estate as possible, you need two monitors mounted side-by-side on your desk. Today, we can save you some money on that prospect:

  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY & REDUCE NECK, SHOULDER & BACK PAIN: If you’ve spent hours a day hunched over looking at your screen trying to get work done & feeling the stiffness & pains slowly creeping into your neck, shoulders & back, then this monitor stand is PERFECT for you! It helps reduce and prevent terrible shoulder & neck pains & can also help INCREASE your productivity by up to 50% by adjusting your screen to find the best position which can enhance your energy levels and concentration.
  • PEAK WORKING POSITION, REDUCE GLARE & IMPROVE POSTURE: Avoid poor posture & work performance from bending over for hours trying to finish your work just before the deadline. By using a computer monitor mount you can choose the most comfortable & healthiest position so you can get your work done in half the time while improving your posture. Make your screen glare-free by easily tilting or swiveling the mount to your desired position so you can spend more time working, less time being irritated!
  • CLUTTER-FREE, MORE FOCUSED WORKING CONDITIONS & LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Computers take up a lot of space. Look at your desk right now. Covered by your computer screen, keyboard & some pens & paper. A cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind and makes you less productive & concentrated. This computer and monitor stand will allow you to get up to 50% more work done while clearing your mind & making you more focused OR we will send you your money right back! Backed by our LIFETIME GUARANTEE!
  • FITS INTO COMPACT SPACES, TIME SAVING INSTALLATION & NO MORE TANGLY WIRES: Sometimes your workspace isn’t the biggest. You’re cramped into a 6ft cubicle with a tiny desk with only enough room for your & your computer. Your monitor holder can help you fit into tight spaces while freeing up deskspace. Install the computer monitor arm in less than 30 mins from box opening to complete installation. Get rid of ugly, tangled wires by using our cable system that will keep your cables hidden & tidy!
  • GET MORE WORK DONE WITH 2 SCREENS, FIND OPENED TABS/DOCS EASIER: If you are in a rush to get work done & have like a hundred tabs/docs open at once & can’t find the one you need at the right time then this dual monitor desk mount is exactly what you need. Use the 2 screens to have multiple tabs/documents open at once & not get easily lost in the madness! You need to get your project done asap so the dual desk monitor mount will help you find the info you already have opened easier

Get one today for just $67!

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