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Four Exclusives at New York Comic Con from Titan Books

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I’m a HUGE fan of Titan Books. From their Sherlock Holmes books to their Art of books, I’m always finding enjoyable new stuff from them to read. I’m not able to attend the New York Comic Con, so I’ll just have to wait a bit for these four new books to become available to the general public, but if you’re attending, maybe one of these four will grab you:

Jean luc Picard - Titan Books

Star Trek fans — here you go! That enamel pin would look great on my bookbag, but only attendees can grab one. Be sure to get the book signed by the author on Thursday. Star Trek is hot right now, with the recent anniversary of TNG and the new Discovery show.

Rick and Morty - Titan Books

I love Rick and Morty – it’s a guilty pleasure from Adult Swim that I watch by myself late at night after the kids are asleep. My oldest will discover it soon enough because I’ve got enough of them recorded and he’s starting to wonder. The animation style is definitely eye-catching, so fans looking for some artwork for their walls or fridges can grab a coloring book (and a free t-shirt to color!) and get started.

Discovery - Titan Books

Yuuuuuup… another Star Trek book. If you’re enjoying the new show, here’s one of the first books to be released that gives some behind-the-scenes for the aliens of the show.

Predator - Titan Books

I enjoyed Titan Books’ Aliens Anthology, and I’m a HUGE Predator fan… so this is a no-brainer for me. This should be an enjoyable read as I wait for the reboot of the franchise. Tim Lebbon continues to put out some great Aliens and Predator novels, so can one of my fellow geek dads please pick me up a signed copy?

New York Comic Con is on from Oct 5 – 8, and Titan Books can be found at booth # 2142. Hunt them down and tell them James Floyd Kelly sent you over.

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