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Kickstarter Alert & Giveaway: ‘Window Jammers’

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Window Jammers
Komet the robot and Rose Puff the dragon take a trip through Portland. Photos: Jonathan H. Liu

I remember when I was a kid, I’d look out the window during car rides and imagine playing a side-scrolling game, hopping over cars and other obstacles. It was particularly pleasing when I discovered that my own kids did the same thing, though of course sometimes they’d rather be playing on a screen than looking out the window if we let them.

Window Jammers are a new travel toy from Flambi Toys that build on that game. Kory Fluckiger of Flambi Toys sent me a sample of the Ultimate Collection pack to try out.

Window Jammers bag and stick
The Window Jammers include a small microfiber pouch for storing the Jammers. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

What’s a Window Jammer?

The Window Jammer has two basic components: a Jammer Stick and the Jammer. The Jammer Stick is a telescoping pole with a rubber grip and wrist strap on one end, and a universal joint and suction cup on the other. The Jammer is a small plastic cut-out with a picture on it—a motorcycle, a dragon, an airplane. Each Jammer has a little tether string looped through it as well.

Window Jammer joint
The tether catches the Jammer in case it falls off the suction cup; the universal joint makes flips possible. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

There’s also a little collector pouch that you can use to store the Jammers in—the “Alpha Club” line has ten different Jammers available.

What do you do with a Window Jammer?

Loop the tether around the Jammer Stick a few times, and then stick the suction cup onto the Jammer. Extend the pole a bit, and then put the Jammer up against the window, and now you’ve got a character or vehicle that you can drive and fly around in the passing landscape! Because of the universal joint, you can twist the handle to make the Jammer rotate and do flips.

Who will like Window Jammers?

When I first saw what Window Jammers were, I smiled, because I immediately thought of the games I’d played as a kid (and, honestly, sometimes still do while I’m staring out the window if I’m not driving). When we got the sample and I showed my kids, all of them got very excited (even the teenager). All three of my kids have been enjoying them on long drives, which makes it easier to limit the screen time and subsequent eyestrain.

Where do I get Window Jammers?

The Alpha Club set is available already from the Window Jammers website, but Flambi Toys is also running a Kickstarter campaign to get a little more publicity at slightly lower prices: $15 for the Ultimate Collection Pack (all 10 Jammers, stick, pouch) or $8 for the Double Jammer Set (stick, pouch, 1 Jammer of your choice, 1 surprise Jammer). The website also includes a $3 option to get a pouch and 2 Jammers (1 chosen, 1 surprise), but no stick. The Kickstarter campaign also includes some higher tiers that include Kickstarter exclusive Jammers, as well as a custom-designed option.

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Or, you can enter our giveaway!

Window Jammer Alpha Club
The “Alpha Club” includes these 10 Jammers. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

Window Jammers giveaway

Flambi Toys is offering Ultimate Collection packs for three of our readers! Just fill out the form below by Wednesday, September 20, to win—a random drawing will be held on Thursday, September 21. (US and Canada addresses only.)

Giveaway winners

The contest is now closed. Congrats to Jenny R., Michael R., and Nancy L., the winners of the Ultimate Collection packs!

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  1. Are these ever neat! We frequently travel 4 hours each way to visit family and this would certainly help to pass the time.

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