Zoinks! It’s The Revell Mystery Machine Model Kit

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My son loved the Revell Cars 3 kit we tried, so when they asked us to try out a Mystery Machine set, we jumped at the chance.

Actual jumping not shown.

There are some key differences in the kits. The Cars 3 kit had a special tool (that became part of the model). The Mystery Machine was more of a traditional snap-together model. It was still a bit more simplified and made for beginners, but not as much. Which was fine for my son. In fact, he built almost the entire thing himself, only needing my help to build the figures. He particularly loved applying the stickers.

“Can I do stickers yet?”

As you can see from the photos, it really does look like the cartoon van became a three dimensional object. The figures are a tad baffling, by the way. Who makes a Mystery Machine set and leaves out Shaggy? Don’t get me wrong, Daphne and Fred are fine. It’s just not who my mind goes to right away. Not that my son cares. He just had Scooby drive. Ruh-ro. Oh, and yes, the models are sturdy enough to play with after.

Some assembly required.

You can snag the Mystery Machine on Amazon or various toy stores for much less – it’s under $20 at some places. That’s a good value for a fun afternoon with your child.

Note: Revell sent us a Mystery Machine to build. We had to make our own Scooby Snacks.

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  1. My oldest made this at about age 11 for his younger brother. It was a great kit because he could do it himself, and not be fruatrated. His brother was 6 at the time and didn’t grasp the difference between models and actual toys, but the parts were easy to pop back together. Definitely recommend to the 7-10 age group!

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