Voltron Season 3

New ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Season 3 Trailer!

Voltron Season 3
The Paladins confront the Black Lion. Image: Netflix/Dreamworks

Voltron: Legendary Defender returns for its third season this Friday (August 4) and my family is excited! We’ve been eagerly anticipating this since Season 2’s cliffhanger ending, and are keen to find out what comes next.

Note: Some Season 2 spoilers ahead!

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Season 2 was all about Emperor Zarkon, the leader of the Galra Empire. He relentlessly pursued Voltron, anticipating their every move—and we eventually discovered that he was formerly a paladin, and still had a connection to the Black Lion, as well as the bayard. In the final episode, Voltron was able to defeat him, but when the team entered the cockpit of the Black Lion, Shiro was nowhere to be found. What happened? How can you form Voltron without the Black Lion? (Answer: not very well.)

As you can see from the trailer for Season 3, just released yesterday, that’s the big challenge the paladins will be facing in this season, along with the Galra Prince Lotor, who has been summoned at Haggar’s command.

The new season (which includes 7 episodes) will arrive this Friday on Netflix, with a 6-episode Season 4 arriving in October. Fellow GeekDad Will James got to see the first episode already at San Diego Comic-Con (lucky!), but I’ve asked him to keep any surprises to himself until we get to watch it for ourselves.

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Netflix StreamTeam, and receive Netflix access for review purposes.

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