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Tile Gets Ready for Back to School With New Tile Pro Series

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Tile Sport Tile Style
Subtle or blingy, Tile’s new Pro devices are definitely eye-catching. (Image: Tile)

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything new from my favorite Bluetooth tracker, Tile. Last year saw the release of the Tile Mate and Tile Slim, impressively svelte versions of the original Tile tracker. They’ve been solid performers (though the Mate is somewhat prone to accidental activation of the Phone tracker due to the easier-to-press Tile button); but the battery is almost exhausted on both (when they say a year, they mean it). That means it’s time to replace and upgrade!

The new Tile Pro Series introduces Tile’s most powerful Bluetooth trackers to date. The Tile Style and Tile Sport are waterproof, more durable, and feature double the Bluetooth range (up to 200 feet) and twice the loudness of the Tile Mate and Tile Slim.

Tile Sport
Next, I want a Tile that’s an actual surfboard (Image: Tile)

The biggest change, though, is on the outside of the new series of trackers. These eschew Tile’s traditional “1st Gen iPod” aesthetic. The Tile Sport has a dark slate finish with a tread pattern and graphite ring around the edge for a little extra durability. The Tile Style has a ridged pattern, and is done up in white with a “champagne gold” ring. I really like the new looks; but I’m worried that, for the Style especially, all those ridges are going to be dirt magnets (good thing they’re waterproof).

Tile Style
A much more refined accessory for your refined accessories. (Image: Tile)

The Tile app has also been updated to include the new Pro Series devices, with two new ringtones and volume control options (for the Sport and Style).

You can pick up the Tile Sport and Tile Style separately for $35 each or as a two-pack for $60 (you can also pick up two packs of just the Sport or Style). Additionally, if you’re due for a re-Tile, you’re in luck. Tile is offering the new Tile Sport and Tile Style for $25 each if you use the re-Tile email that should have dropped in your inbox this morning.

You can find the new Tile Pro devices on Amazon now or at your local Best Buy or Target in the coming days. Make sure you have your gear protected by the largest tracker network in the world before you head back to campus!

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