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Kickstarter Alert: An Amazing Value on a Tabletop Subscription Box

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Do you like a good value for your money? Do you like tabletop games? Are you a fan of big name designers like Monte Cook, Bruno Cathala, or Seiji Kanai? Have you ever spent too much time looking at the art of artists like Dan Brereton, The Mico (potentially nsfw link), or Ben Templesmith? Are you a collector? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have to check out the QST Kickstarter.

Now through the end of September, this project is raising funds to bring one of the best and most unique values in tabletop to life. QST (pronounced “quest”) is a subscription program that is planning on bringing together some of the biggest names in tabletop to create concepts and design really great games and then pair them with a amazing artists — some who have never worked in tabletop before — to create one-of-a kind games that will demand prominent places on your game shelves.

The games will feature high quality components and unique packaging that will never be used again, making each game highly collectible. Additionally, any promo items created for the QST Kickstarted games will never make it to retail, so each game will be extra special.

When you look at the names involved in this project, you can’t help but be blown away. When taking about the big names in tabletop, one might expect to see names like Bruno Faidutti, James Ernest, Richard Borg, or Matt Riddle & Ben Pinchback. But the names you might not expect to see are what makes this extra exciting. Nolan Bushnell, Dan Povenmire, and R.A. Salvatore are among those who have signed on to provide overall themes and concepts. For Jakub Rebelka, Skinner, Walt Simonson, and other artists, this is their first (and maybe only) time to apply their sizable skills to a cardboard game. It is an amazing confluence of talent.

Each game you pledge for will only cost $12.99 plus shipping, which is almost unheard of for the talent involved and about half the price of the games when they hit retail. Games are scheduled to ship every other month. Of course, there are other levels to pledge where you can procure multiple copies of these collectible games or get special add-ons and special tiers, just for European backers.

There is a “13th Game.” This goes back to when the project was originally going to offer a game a month — the community spoke and QST was dialed back to every other month. The 13th Game allows you or anyone to submit a sketch on the official template (pdf) and it may be included as a concept in the project. Plumbers sent to repair toilets on Mars? A one-armed dishwasher worker placement? Chinese factory workers trying to keep up with production? Zombies from … no. No more zombies in games. Anyway, it’s up to you, enter your concept and it may be made real. And it will never be produced for retail. How priceless is that?

Anyone who backs will have the right to subscribe at the Kickstarter rate of $12.99 a game as long as you keep your subscription. And (this is a big AND) pay attention to GeekDad for the opportunity to win a free QST subscription for life! In the meantime, go check out the Kickstarter today!

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