I Gave My First Grader a Precision RBS Rubber Band Shooter: See What Happened Next

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Rubber bands. Basic office supplies, or ammunition? It’s a question we’ve asked for a while (okay, since the beginning of the article). Precision RBS decided to double down on the “ammo” answer, and build blasters that use them as exactly that.

The sting of justice!
Source: RBS.

Note that unlike foam blasters, these are not for shooting at people. Rubber bands can hurt or cause serious injury. These are for target shooting—and you can find guides to doing trick shots with them online. Still, these have some real “don’t feed after midnight” rules.

I have to make a confession to you all—I broke the rules. It clearly says on the boxes of the Precision RBS blasters that they are for ages 8 and up. Yet I gave it to my six and half year old to try, and he was able to load and shoot easily without any adult instruction. He also instantly grasped the whole “don’t shoot at people” thing.

Meet his new weapon of choice.
Source: Precision RBS.

After a few days with the Talos, he even stopped using his previous favorite, the Buzz Bee Walking Dead shotgun. He was good about cleaning up after himself too. My older child preferred the Proteus. There are other sets, plus you can buy refills of rubberbands (they give you a nice amount to start with).

Affordable, quick fun. I think the RBS line is just about for anyone with two caveats—I don’t advise it for households with pets that might eat rubber bands (I’m looking at you, Churro the chihuahua) or with small babies where they might be a hazard. They’re a bit too easily lost.

Other than that? Go to town. Shoot ALL the things.

Note: Super Impulse USA armed us with these two, and have been waiting for this review for 60 days. Guess we missed our target.

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