Review: Holy Bat Baddies, Legion of Collectors!

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Why so serious? Because it's Funko time! Source: Funko..
Why so serious? Because it’s Funko time!
Source: Funko.

I came home to a nice surprise the other night–a new Legion of Collectors box! I was expecting it more towards the end of the month.

Funko and DC have again outdone themselves, giving a mix of Batman-bad-guy-themed goodies.


First up, we have a pin with classic bad guy The Riddler and a patch with newer villain Bane. Personally, I’ve always found Bane annoying–with the exception of that one storyline where he thought he was Bruce Wayne’s brother.


The variant cover of this Scott Snyder-written Batman issue features the New 52 take on the Riddler’s origin, who is apparently a terrorist and mass murderer. Comics, everyone!


No box with an “enemies of Batman” theme is complete without some Joker, and LOC comes through with their first hat. It’s not something I would personally wear, but it’s very well made.


Some more Joker love comes in the form of this mug. Hang on a second. I have to turn this around so it’s not staring at me.



The POP! figure in this month’s box is classic Catwoman. Looked at her boxed, I realized that every single DC POP! I’ve gotten via LOC has been a woman. Interesting.

As always, the sculpt is well made, with one glaring exception. Catwoman will not stand up unaided. I had to prop her against the walls of the display case, which meant moving around some things. Still, once she was all set up, she looked great.

But wait, there’s more!


It’s Two-Face! Former Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent is currently the featured antagonist inĀ All-Star Batman, so this is some great timing. This is the first Dorbz figure I’ve gotten, and I love how they gave him his little coin.

The best thing in the box, though? Next month’s flyer.





Late ’70s/early ’80s DC! AKA “My childhood.”

Y’know, I’m going to come right out and say that if you’re in my age range, you want to pre-order this box. Fingers crossed for an ’80s Zatanna POP!

Note: Funko and LOC send me these boxes for free to review. My life is kinda great, you guys.

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