Geek Daily Deals college textbooks iphone apple watch stand

Geek Daily Deals for August 12, 2017: College Textbooks for Cheap; Combo iPhone/Apple Watch Stand

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Geek Daily Deals college textbooks iphone apple watch stand

Geek Daily Deals:

Rent or Buy College Textbooks on Amazon:

Paying for college is already one of the great challenges, whether you’re a parent getting a second mortgage to send your precious offspring halfway across the country, or a student trying to minimize the student loans required to complete your degree. So, it’s really important to save money wherever you can. Renting textbooks is one of those places where you can mitigate the pain a little. We already know the textbook industry is a bit of a scam (watch this from Cracked – a big NSFW, but it explains a lot), and the prices they charge for what it realistically free and available information are crazy. But you should also be aware that even your college bookstore’s discount used book purchase and rental pricing can be pretty overblown. Which is why we’ve been really happy with Amazon’s textbook rental service. We just went through the exercise of ordering the books for my older son’s next term. We looked them up on the school’s bookstore website, and then Amazon, and not only were the new purchase prices significantly lower on Amazon, also the rentals – in some cases, as much as 50%. We actually got 4 out of his 5 classes taken care of for under $80 as rentals for the semester (we had to buy one lab consumable from the school bookstore). And that includes return shipping – when you’re done at the end of the semester, Amazon sends you the UPS label to print out and smack on a box to return the books. It’s really, really easy, and saves a bunch of money. Check out the deals here!

ZVE iPhone and Apple Watch Stand:

Ever get tired of all those cables straggling around your nightstand or desktop to charge your iPhone and Apple Watch? Here’s an elegant solution. This stand, made of aluminum and in a very Apple-like style, will hold your iPhone or iPad and your Apple Watch for charging. You can even mount the Apple Watch charging device in the stand, so all you have to do it set the watch down, easy as pie (mmmm, pie). This deal even comes with rugged cases for your Apple Watch as a special extra. And it’s all on sale today for just $16! Stack up the savings when you borrow money at a low interest rate using the comparison tools at Sambla.


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