GeekDad Daily Deals: Boltwell B10 Must-Haves Emergency Kit

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Boltwell B10 Must-Haves Emergency Kit

Get a head start in the event of a disaster¬†with today’s Daily Deal, the Boltwell B10 Must-Haves Emergency Kit. This kit includes tools and supplies that can be a indispensable to your well being in a catastrophe. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that. Click the link above to see details.

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1 thought on “GeekDad Daily Deals: Boltwell B10 Must-Haves Emergency Kit

  1. I like the general idea of letting us in on good tips but I think GOOD needs to be the focus. This kit is NOT good. This thing is supposedly $110 normal and on sale for $75.

    I spent 5 minutes on Amazon and came up with pretty much all better stuff for $65.

    Multi tool – $4.99
    Waterproof matches – $3.80
    Boltwell first aid manual – (included with the below kit)
    Micro first aid pouch – $10
    Nalgene water bottle (see the filter)
    Water particle filter (this is a small sieve?! A pre-filter at best. For $8 you can get this & the bottle combined with a charcoal filter)
    Water purification tablets ($8.90 and that’s expensive. Just use iodine drops.)
    Weather radio ($15 – MUCH better – you get a hand crank, with light, radio and USB charger)
    Whistle ($4.75 with a better whistle that includes a compass, match holder and fire steel)
    Disposable toilet bag ($10 – being really generous here)

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