10 Amazing New Kickstarter Projects This Week

Check out these awesome new Kickstarter Projects:

new Kickstarter Projects

Waylens Secure360 with 4G – Automotive Security Camera

Sees and captures what’s happening all around your car.


Glow, the smart energy tracker for your home

Turns amber, then red, when your electricity use spikes.


Yeelight Candela: The Smart Mood Candlelight

Traditional candles cannot form their own mesh network.


e-skin: Controller Is You

Motion-tracking shirt from Japan. “Stretchable electronics” are where it’s at.


synapseWear: wearable sensing for the body & environment

Quirky open-ended system of clothing, sensors, data visualization…


Polyfuge: A DIY Open-Source Microcentrifuge for Everyone

Nowadays, STEM labs don’t say “can we buy that gear,” they say “can we build it?”


Aloe App: Gentle self-care reminders from yourself

The founder of Femsplain is building the app she needed.


Libre Art of the Fugue

This crew is releasing more high-quality classical recordings into the public domain.


ANITAR – Reinventing technology for today’s vets & breeders

“If you’ve ever been confused about which horse you’re supposed to pick up…”


AnZa: Redefining the Espresso Machine in Concrete and Corian

Stainless steel is so over.

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