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‘Pathfinder Adventurer’s Guide:’ Which Faction Will You Choose?

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Portion of Adventurer's Guide CoverWhile we anxiously await the Starfinder Roleplaying Game releasing this August at GenCon, we can all continue enjoying the flow of Pathfinder goodness with the Adventurer’s Guide (Paizo $39.99 Print, 9.99 PDF, or Amazon for less). This new RPG hardback goes in-depth into 18 organizations found within the Pathfinder campaign setting of Golarion. The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game line of products are typically system-neutral, leaving such Golarion specific lore for the Campaign Setting line, but for each organization presented in the Adventurer’s Guide Paizo included a system-neutral name as well, making it more easily transferable to any setting.

The list of organizations included in the Adventurer’s Guide, both Golarion specific and system-neutral are listed here.

  • Al-Zabriti (Deep-Desert Traditionalists)
  • Aldori Swordlords (Masters of the Clash of Blades)
  • Aspis Consortium (Profiteering Syndicate)
  • Bellflower Network (Eradicators of Halfling Slavery)
  • Council of Thieves (Rulers of a Criminal Underworld)
  • Cyphermages (Inheritors of Ancient Arcane Traditions)
  • Eagle Knights (Vanguard of Liberty)
  • Gray Maidens (Remnants of a Tyrant’s Reign)
  • Hellknights (Merciless Enforcers of the Law)
  • Houses of Perfection (Trio of Elite Mystical Monasteries inspired by the Elements)
  • Lantern Bearers (A Light Against the Coming Darkness)
  • Magaambya (Inheritors of an Ancient Academy of Arcane Learning)
  • Mammoth Lords (Beast-Riding Barbarian Tribes)
  • Pathfinder Society (Adventuring Scholars of Historical Lore)
  • Red Mantis (Notorious Cult of Deadly Assassins)
  • Rivethun (Animists Harnessing Personal Struggles for Spiritual Growth)
  • Silver Ravens (Rebels Against an Oppressive Regime)
  • Storm Kindlers (Storm-Seeking Devotees of Gozreh)

In addition to great flavor text and excellent art, each organization spread includes a summary of the organization with name, alignment, values, and goals for instance. Each section also includes descriptions of three prominent or famous members, prestige classes, archetypes, information for being affiliated with the organization but not a member, related equipment, feats, and magic items.

Whether you want to be an infamous Hellknight, study the Red Mantis assassins who have a contract out on you, or are looking to join the Pathfinder Society, the Adventurer’s Guide has a ton of information, flavor, and crunch for your adventuring fun!

Image of Adventurer's Guide Spread
‘Adventurer’ Guide’ spread, depicting half-page organization art, flavor text, and three prominent members of the Hellknights. Image of Adventurer’s Guide.

I’ll be able to immediately use ‘Adventurer’s Guide’ in my playing as my Magus in Carrion Crown, focuses on storm and electricity magics and has a passing interest in Gozreh, a god of storm and sky.

Image of the Storm Chasers.
Image from the Storm Kindlers organization, followers of Gozreh. Image from ‘Adventurer’s Guide.’

Pick it up in print or PDF on the Paizo site, Amazon in print form for a little less, or support local businesses by running down to your FLGS for a copy. Better yet, subscribe at paizo.com and you can get the pdf in addition to the printed copy they send you each month.

Disclosure: Paizo provided a copy of ‘Adventurer’s Guide’ for review.

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