Geek Daily Deals 073117 digital instrument tuner back to school savings

Geek Daily Deals for July 31, 2017: Musical Instrument Tuner for $20; Back-to-School Savings

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Geek Daily Deals 073117 digital instrument tuner back to school savings

Geek Daily Deals:

KLIQ Uber Tuner:

Do you or your kids use any form of musical instrument? If you do, then you know the joy (read: annoyance) of tuning it each and every time you sit down to play. Back in the Stone Age when I learned how to play guitar, my music teacher would hit the first note on a piano, and then I’d tune one string to that note, and the rest of the strings against that first string. What always struck me odd about that process was that it was so subjective. If there was something off about my hearing or the first note that day, then the whole thing wasn’t quite right. Thank goodness for technological progress! In this case, thank goodness for really simple electronics that allow for this cool clip-on tool that precisely senses the notes you play and tells you if they’re sharp or flat, so you can make tuning adjustments and get everything just right. And it runs off a simple CR2032 watch batter, so it’s light and easy to use. And it’s on sale today for just $20!

Back-to-School Savings:

We are officially past the half-way point of Summer, and kids, parents, and teachers alike can all start groaning at the fact that the start of a new school year is just a handful of weeks away. But instead of picking through the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is the school supplies section at your local Walmart or Target, why not do your back-to-school shopping online, and have everything delivered to your door? Amazon has pulled together and organized everything you could possibly need for the new year, from basic school supplies, to clothes, backpacks, lunch supplies, and new electronics, and then organized them by grade range for ease-of-use. I especially like the section that’s just for teachers (my wife is a teacher, so I strongly recommend when you buy supplies for the classroom, pick up extra, just to make your kids’ teachers lives a little easier)! Check out the whole special section, or see the following special deals:

Back-to-School clothes for younger kids.

Back-to-School clothes for teens.

Back-to-School deals on electronics, like calculators, USB memory, printer ink, and more.

Classroom essentials for Teachers.



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