Geek Daily Deals 072217 Pioneer Stereo LEGO Minifigs

Geek Daily Deals for July 22, 2017: Get a Pioneer Mini-Stereo System for $120; Variety Pack of Minifigs $13

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Geek Daily Deals 072217 Pioneer Stereo LEGO Minifigs


Geek Daily Deals:

Pioneer Mini-Stereo:

You can think of this as the un-boom box. Or the perfect stereo for your kids bedroom or college student’s dorm room. It’s a tuner/amp/CD player base station with a solid pair of speakers. On top of that, it will connect with your phone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth or NFC, so you can stream music via your favorite service or app, like iTunes, Spotify, or Tidal. So, in effect, it’s one step better than just a Bluetooth speaker. And you’ll get much better sound from the larger speakers, too. And you can pick this up for just $120 today!

Variety Pack of 22 Minifigs:

So, here’s the thing: these are not official LEGO minifigs. They are an off-brand of LEGO-compatible minifigs instead. But how, by all that’s good and holy, can they DO this? Aren’t there LAWS or something? Well, yes there are, but…. It turns out that LEGO has been around long enough that the patents on their brick system have lapsed, and the actual design of their interlocking bricks and such are in the public domain. Anyone can make LEGO-compatible stuff. When you spend money on LEGO, it’s for the high-quality materials and the licensed entertainment properties they build kits around, not for the interlocking system. So, if you just want an off-brand bag of 22 minifigs that include cowboys and wizards, or cops and chefs, and such, you can get one today for just $13!


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