Get a Computer Controlled Laser Engraver for $100; Play the Beautiful ‘Dixit Daydreams’ – Daily Deals!

Daily Deals 032117

What you have here is basically an inexpensive 3D printer chassis with a low-power laser instead of a print head. It’ll burn intricate designs into soft materials like wood, plastic, and leather, so you can create your own tags, chips, and other interesting pieces of art. Works with PC only. And the best part is that it’s on sale for just $100!

Dixit is a hugely popular game of imagery and storytelling, that has spawned numerous expansions, each with delightful and gorgeous art. Today, the Dixit Daydreams expansion is on sale for just $20, but why stop there? Pick up the core Dixit game for just $25, and get the rest of the expansions: Dixit Quest, Dixit Odyssey, Dixit Memories, and Dixit Revelations!


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