Geek Daily Deals 072117 sony handycam lenovo desktop

Geek Daily Deals for July 21, 2017: Get an HD Camcorder for $42; Deals on Lenovo Mini-Desktops

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Geek Daily Deals 072117 sony handycam lenovo desktop


Geek Daily Deals:

Besteker HD Camcorder:

Yes, these days you can do high-definition video on your phone that’s starting to rival what you see in cinemas, so the unitasker nature of a dedicated camcorder seems rather old-fashioned. However, your phone is also a $1,000 computational tool more powerful that the tech they used to send humans to the moon the first time, and putting it in peril in some situations – like, say, letting your kids make movies with it – might give one pause. So, why not pick up an HD camcorder that records to SD cards? Sure, back in the ’90s one of these would have cost as much as your fancy phone, but not these days. Today, you can get this HD camcorder for just $42!

Lenovo Thinkcenter Tiny:

Sometimes you don’t need a screaming-fast gaming PC. Sometimes you just need a machine that will run Windows and let you browse the internet and get your budget done. And in that case, you want it small, so it won’t take up space on the kitchen counter, the office nook you’re jamming it into, or the kids’ desk. These Lenovo Thinkcenter tiny desktops fit the bill perfectly. We like the model with 8GB of RAM and the 128GB SSD, though for $30 less, you can get a 500 HD instead. Just remember: you still need a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to make it all work. Pick one up for between $300 and $330 today!


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