Geek Daily Deals 072017 Thermo Tank Kids Play Tent

Geek Daily Deals for July 20, 2017: Save on the Thermo Tank Water Bottle; Kids Indoor/Outdoor Play Tent

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Geek Daily Deals 072017 Thermo Tank Kids Play Tent


Geek Daily Deals:

Thermo Tank Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle:

In one sense, I’m a bit amused by the sudden popularity of these insulated water bottles, as if the idea of a bottle that uses a double-wall vacuum system to keep liquids cold or warm is new. Has anyone every heard of a Thermos? Of course, I think the innovation here is that it’s not a glass inner-bottle, like the old Thermoses used to be, but rather a new manufacturing technique that allows for it to be metal all the way through, and therefore much more durable. Which is a huge plus. So, okay, I supposed I can get excited about this. In any case, here’s one of these new-fangled vacuum-sealed bottles, and you can get it today, on sale, for just $23!

Kiddey Kids Indoor/Outdoor Play Tent:

Time for some good old fashioned play, with this excellent nylon play tent. It’s good for indoor or outdoor play, and set ups in a jiffy. Even better, it packs up easily, and conveniently for storage when it’s not use! Perfect for outdoor day camping, or as an indoor reading space. Pick one up today for just $23!


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Pick-up Tickets to Kiki’s Delivery Service in Theaters!

This Summer, GeekDad has partnered with GKids, the folks who distribute Studio Ghibli movies in the US, to promote the in-theater showings of 6 of our favorite Miyazaki movies. If you go to one of these showings, you’ll even see our logo on a pre-movie slide! So get out, and take your kids to some of the most magical and fun family movies of all time!

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