Geek Daily Deals for July 19, 2017: Save on HP Omen Gaming Laptops; KeySmart Keychain Organizer For $10!

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Here’s your Geek Daily Deals on gadgets, gear, and other useful stuff any geek family needs!

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Geek Daily Deals:

HP Omen Gaming Laptops as Low as $700:

Gaming laptops are the thoroughbreds of computers: relatively compacts, but built for speed and delivering amazing graphics. But such muscle usually comes with a price. If you want to get into gaming, but save a little money, then this Geek Daily Deal may be for you. These are refurbished HP Omen gaming laptops, meaning you’re saving at least 15% off the top because they can’t be sold as “new,” but are practically new in every important way. There’s a selection of machines here at 15″ and 17″ with up to 12GB of RAM, hot graphics cards, and large hybrid SSD drive setups. These are monsters in almost every way, except price. Check out the deals, starting at just $700.

The KeySmart Keychain Organizer Will Take the Jangle Out of Your Pocket:

We’ve featured the KeySmart keychain organizer and items like it a number of times on GeekDad. The idea is smart and simple: instead of carrying your keys around quasi-loose on a chain, so that the jangle about and can get all tangled up with other things in your pocket or purse, you mount them on a Swiss Army Knife-like bracket that keeps them all snug and safe together, and you just swing out the one you need when you need it. It’s a great solution that saves space, and all that fumbling around looking for the right key. Today, you can save on three different colors of the KeySmart organizer, all for just $10!


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Pick-up Tickets to Kiki’s Delivery Service in Theaters!

This Summer, GeekDad has partnered with GKids, the folks who distribute Studio Ghibli movies in the US, to promote the in-theater showings of 6 of our favorite Miyazaki movies. If you go to one of these showings, you’ll even see our logo on a pre-movie slide! So get out, and take your kids to some of the most magical and fun family movies of all time!

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