Daily Deals 032817

Join the VR Revolution With the HTC Vive + PC Deals; Hone Your Cube Skills With Today’s Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 032817

Virtual Reality (VR) is really, finally here. This isn’t about sticking your phone in a mask and looking at Google Earth. This is immersive, real-time generating gaming and exploration. It’s takes a bit of desktop or laptop power, but the results are amazing. And today, CYBERPC is offering bundled PC + VR systems that will get you up and running at significant discounts (20% and more). Check out the deals!

Ready to up your speed-cube skills? The Cube lets you customize the turning tightness so you can get just the right feel as you try to master the mystery of solving the greatest puzzle ever made. And you can pick one up for $7 today!


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