Giants attacking a Fort.

‘The Glass Cannon’ Official ‘Pathfinder’ Podcast

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Last week in my praise of the Glass Cannon Pathfinder actual-play podcast, I alluded to some news that all parties were not yet ready to release. Well, now they are; Paizo and the GCP have teamed up, making Glass Cannon an official podcast of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

The Glass Cannon is an audio podcast of five guys playing Pathfinder’s Giant Slayer Adventure PathThe story they are weaving is entertaining and compelling as Troy is working in each character’s backstory into the already superb Paizo Adventure Path storyline. I only recently discovered the podcast and am not yet caught up to this week’s episode 107. I find myself looking forward to long drives so I can listen, and even find myself choosing to listen to this podcast instead of watching one of the many shows I stream. Each entrancing episode is from one to one-and-a-half hours long.

Giants attack a fort
The ‘Glass Cannon’ podcast is playing through Paizo’s ‘Giant Slayer Adventure Path.’ Illustration by Ekaterina Burmak

I discovered the well deserved news when I saw reference to a deleted tweet, and found in the intro to episode 105 – Slag Film that player Joe O’Brien announced that the GCP was entering a new era. Troy Lavallee, the gamester, had been in Seattle for PaizoCon to close the deal with Paizo. Apparently, it was a year in the making, with everything coming together for PaizoCon 2017.

“We wanted to make the Glass Cannon into something that was valuable to Paizo, and how Paizo wanted to make the Glass Cannon something that represented Pathfinder to the world.”

What this means is that the Glass Cannon will get some excellent visibility to the Paizo community through social media and the Paizo site, Paizo will have another outlet to show the world how awesome roleplaying can be, and the podcast “will get full access to our [Paizo’s] extensive library of art, books… all the stuff.” It’s a win, win, and a win for the listeners. It’s not a sponsorship where the Glass Cannon would be expected to advertise Paizo products, the Glass Cannon is still free to run the show they’ve been entertaining us with for the past two years.

If you’re not listening to the Glass Cannon actual-play roleplaying podcast of Giant Slayer, you really should be. Check them out on the Glass Cannon website, or, where I load up on episodes, iTunes. Enjoying it? Consider funding them on Patreon. If they hit $10,000 a month, they’ll start a second campaign. As I approach catching up to the latest episode, I’m saddened to think I’ll only be getting one new episode a week, so please fund a second campaign!

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