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‘Stargate Universe’ Finally Returns to Destiny

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If you were/are a fan of Stargate Universe, you were probably pretty bummed by the ending of the last season. I won’t spoil it if you were planning on catching up, but there was no “happy-ever-after.” Let’s just say that is was like everyone went to sleep and we never found out what happened the next day…

Well, thanks to writers Mark L. Haynes and J.C. Vaughn along with artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo, we finally will get at least a continuation of the story! Issue #1 of Stargate Universe was released June 28th by American Mythology Productions. I just finished reading it, and I will say that I am intrigued. It begins like a regular episode, with a “previously on Stargate Universe…”

And wham! You are instantly pulled back in! This first issue only has 15 pages of new content, not including 3 pages of the ending of the last season and a 9-page preview of Stargate Atlantis: Hearts & Minds issue #1. I am sure that next month’s issue will be bigger and better, but we will have to wait and see.

I do not want to give anything away, because, if you are reading this, then you probably want to pick it up for yourself. Grab it now at your local friendly comic shop, or if you cannot wait, grab the Kindle version here at Amazon.

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13 thoughts on “‘Stargate Universe’ Finally Returns to Destiny

  1. Since the cancellation of SGU I gave up on SyFy and stargate, it is almost pointless to even watch tv now days with the way everything gets canceled. As soon as you become invested in a show they usually end up getting canceled. Imho SGU started off well and went a little downhill but in season 2 the show got so much better. Just to bad it wasn’t given another chance.

  2. if it was possible to visit parallel universes one of the things I’d look for is the 7 season boxed set of SGU.

  3. at least someone cares enough to continue the story tie up loose ends in an easy way by comic episodes and not a novel with 500 pages as other cancelled tv shows. im going to buy them for that very reason. as im not a super fan and dont want to read a novel but i liked the show and can contiue the story with little effort

  4. The turning point of SGU for me was when Rush discovered an artificial signal within the cosmic microwave background, alluding to the origins of the stargate and even the universe itself.

    1. We know the origin of the stargate-they were built by the ancients as a means to travel and seed life in galaxies. I agree the signal story arc would have been awesome and was really hoping a streaming service would ressurect SGU- they always cancel good shows and run multiple seasons of truly awful shows.

  5. Only stargate show I truly enjoyed watching. Cast chemistry was good and growing. Leadership improving and command decisions though complex were often right. I miss the new discoveries aboard the ship and outside the ship. I feel much has been left undone unexplored and it’s a shame.

  6. Dark Matter is pretty good, not sure if it will go down hill completely ..but I really don’t like the clone thingy going on. The first season really sucked me in. I wont give away too much in case someone like that Daniel fella wants to give it a try.

    Killjoys, I just cant seem to get a vested interest with this show. Ive heard good things but every-time I try to watch it, it’s meh!. Ive tried on three different occasions and I wont be trying again. It’s basically a bounty hunter show, the fact it’s on alien home-worlds adds nothing to the story. They may as well be on earth full stop. Don’t like the cast much neither, casting director should be fired, I’m guessing that it’s quite possibly a woman or a homosexual man that chose the cast.

    Stargate, they were all easily enjoyable. SGU is realistic compared to most shows of this nature, good entertainment, good writing, and great cast.
    The Expanse is reminiscent in it’s seriousness.

    Bring back Firefly, bring back the Sarah Conner Chronicles, love The Arsenal FC.

  7. Sgu season 1 sucked. But that didn’t shake me to see what season 2 would be like , and it was Awesome! and then they canceled it. the thing is if they wanted to start it off from where it ended, its totally doable. I don’t get why syfy doesn’t see that there’s a huge number of fans still out here. It would be a instant succes.
    To top the cake they just dropped “Dark Matter” as well. I can’t think of another channel that starts wonderful shows and just kills them when they start picking up.
    How is syfy tracking fans? Obviously their doing something wrong and canceling the wrong shows that have a huge fan base. Idiots!

  8. Stargate Universe deserved to get cancelled. It was a terrible show and not worthy of the Stargate moniker. It’s been 7 years since this turd got flushed and I couldn’t be more thrilled! The day SyFy cancelled it I popped a bottle of champagne. It took them awhile but they finally saw the light and did the right thing by jettisoning this horrible show.

  9. I thought there was going to be a third series for a moment. Still it would be difficult to get the cast back together and of course everyone’s getting older. Ten years (or more) may pass before a new series even starts to be discussed by those in charge. Stargate Universe has just started another repeat showing on Pick weekdays @ 17:00 hours so I’m watching that.

    I’m not confident that there will be a 3rd series and the more time that passes the less likely it’ll happen.

    I always hoped that Firefly would return for a second series but I guess that’s never going to happen, again too much time has passed. Still it was a nice surprise when Jewel Staite joined the Atlantis Team.


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