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Image credit: Rumpl

Where are my poncho wearers? Go ahead, admit it! You’re at a football game and when the skies open up, you’re ready with your rain poncho. Or maybe you have a favorite knit poncho that you or a friend knit for you? I am proud to own numerous ponchos and I’m looking forward to getting this one.

Our friends at Rumpl, who brought us two already-insanely-successful Kickstarter campaigns for their blankets, have introduced a Kickstarter for The Original Puffy Poncho, a fun and exciting twist on their first blanket. As a camping enthusiast who lives in a climate with pretty brutal winters, I’m excited to check this one out.

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Sizing for the Puffy Poncho is pretty straightfoward. Image credit: Rumpl

The Puffy Poncho is an innovative variation on their first Kickstarter, the original Rumpl Puffy Blanket. The poncho is elegantly-quilted 150g polyester fiber, fully waterproof, rated down to 40 degrees F (perfect for autumn football games), comes in two colors: blue and black, and comes in two sizes, “Smaller” and “Larger”. See the photo above for sizing details. The Puffy Poncho can be opened up and used like a picnic throw blanket. It comes with a key loop and headphone port, as well.

My favorite part? Nestled in the big center pocket is a smallerĀ beverage holder!! Is that not the most perfect thing in the world for keeping your drinks close while at the game or around the campfire?

OMG!!! Image credit: Rumpl

As of this writing, this campaign is only about 1/3 of the way through and has already tripled its goal. Consider some of their pledge levels and check out if this is something for you. The company welcomes pledges with no rewards, but there’s also a level that will earn you “Rumpl Beer Blankets”, which are beer koozies made of the Rumpl blanket fabric. Even though the early bird single Puffy Poncho pledge has sold out (one Puffy Poncho for $127), there’s still a chance to pledge funds such that you can earn a Puffy Poncho for 15% off retail, at only $135. But don’t fret, if you want two Puffy Ponchos, there’s still the ability to get two for 20% off.

Check out the Kickstarter page here and see if this is something you’d want to back! The campaign ends on July 18th and delivery of the products is expected by December 2017.

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