Breaking: New LEGO Kits for Upcoming Film ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

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Hyping up for Thor: Ragnarok (due to hit theaters on November 3, 2017), LEGO has announced two new LEGO Super Heroes sets based on the movie. The Ultimate Battle for Asgard features The Commodore spaceship, Fenris, and 6 minifigures. The Arena Clash focuses on the sure-to-be-epic gladiator scene pitting Thor against his one-time ally the Incredible Hulk.

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76084- The Ultimate Battle of Asgard
Which side will win control of Asgard? Play out the story yourself with a collection of all new minifigures and vehicles.

  • The Commodore has a cock-pit, two blasters, a storage compartment and a trap door to drop the mini into battle with style.
  • The Fenris wolf figure is a buildable mount with glow-in-the-dark eyes, a minifigure seat, and an articulated body.
  • Thor is a new minifigure, including a unique helmet, Power Blast projectiles, and a new cape.
  • Hela is a standard minifigure with a twist. Her brick-built legs allow her to tower over her enemies. Her costume also rocks a terrifying mantle and a fabric cape. She is also sporting a sword, an axe, and her own set of Power Blast projectiles. Watch out, heroes!
  • Bruce Banner joins the fray with an all-new two-faced minifigure. Sporting his black leather jacket, Bruce’s face flips around, showing the early stages of the Hulk transformation.
  • Valkyrie joins the fray, too! Featuring a unique blue cape, a sword, and a killer hairdo, the Valkyrie minifigure is an awesome addition to any battle scene.
  • Two of Hela’s Berserkers round out the group with their own unique battle blades.
    MSRP: $49.99


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76088- Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash

Two old friends can clash or collaborate in this arena scene. The Grandmaster looks on as the gladiators meet!

  • The arena is made of modular walls with secret sections. Contestants can find a hidden weapons rack, a prison cell, and a sliding gate. The Grandmaster and Loki have their own seats, but look out – they are easily toppled by our heroes!
  • Thor has a unique incarnation in this set. Like the Battle of Asgard Thor minifigure, the Arena Clash Thor is sporting a new uniform, but this time, it has seen some action. He’s painted for battle, and his cape has been replace with a scabard.
  • Loki has his signature helmet on, and a unique hair element to balance things out.
  • The Grandmaster is picture perfect, and sits on a golden throne.
  • The Hulk has been upgraded for the arena. Standing over 2″ tall, Gladiator Hulk is rocking armor and two incredible weapons.
  • Probably the most fun (or least, for bystanders) is Thor’s “super jumper” which allows you to fling Thor to the top of the arena.
  • Finally, the unfortunate guard picked for prison duty is equipped with… a staff. I guess nobody told him who he’d be guarding!

These two new kits feature key scenes from the upcoming ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ film. With either kit, you can play out major scenes while waiting for the big screen action to begin. Combine the kits to collect the ‘Ragnarok’ major characters including Thor, Bruce Banner, Arena Thor, Arena Hulk, Valkyrie, Hela, Grandmaster, and Loki.
Both sets will hit the shelves August 1 in the US, and June 1 globally.

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