Breaking-LEGO Announces Brick Sets for ‘Justice League’

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Image: LEGO

In preparation for the release of Justice League this November, LEGO has announced three new sets.

The Battle of Atlantis, Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack, and Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack feature the cast of the new Justice League; Batman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, and The Flash in these action-based buildableĀ kits. Each kit highlights a major battle from the film, each a struggle for the invaluable Mother Boxes.

Image: LEGO

76085- Battle of Atlantis

The underwater battle scene features 4 minifigures and 197 pieces. Join Aquaman and the Atlantean guards in the battle to defend their home and Mother Box from the Parademons. Aquaman comes equipped with a Power Blast and features a new-for-2017 design. The scene features a knock-down arch and various elements including the Mother Box and its own pedestal.

Retails at $19.99

Image: LEGO

76086- Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack

The underground battle features one of Batman’s signature machines: The Knightcrawler. This set includes 4 minifigures and 622 pieces. Joined by The Flash, these League members pursue the evil Parademons underground in the attempt to recover a Mother Box. This is a great role-play set, featuring weapons everywhere. The Batarang, The Flash’s Power Blasts, and the Parademon’s stud shooters make for a projectile-heavy fight scene for anyone to enjoy.

Retails for $49.99

Image: LEGO

76087- Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack

In this kit, Batman pilots the Batmobile as it is delivered by the Flying Fox. He is joined by Cyborg, Superman, and Wonder Woman in their epic battle to defeat Steppenwolf. There are two Parademons, also, which brings the minifigure count to 6, in addition to the Steppenwolf Big Figure. This Kit promises to be a favorite for LEGO vehicle fans like myself, and features a great scene for fans of the upcoming film Justice League. This set also features plenty of accessories, including Cyborg’s stud-shooter arm, a Batarang, Batman’s Grappling Gun, Wonder Woman’s sword, two stud shooters, and Steppenwolf’s mammoth axe.

Retails for $129.99.

All kits will be available on August 1st. Stay tuned for more reveals as the movie approaches.

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