Kickstarter Alert: Arckit Dream City

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Arckit has gone big and launched a new crowdfunding campaign for the latest in their line of building kits–Cityspace and Masterplan–that allow you to design and build entire cities.

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I previously wrote about the Arckit set for designing and building a single home. I still use that kit and my son, who recently turned four, also enjoys it (although it is rated as six and up). I mentioned in that review, that architecture and design has always fascinated me, and I almost went that route as a career, so being able to dabble in it is a lot of fun for me, and Arckit makes it very easy and fun to do so.

Both the old and new Arckit sets allow for rapid design and building of structures with the added benefit of re-use of materials versus traditional home and city model building with a very modular system (similar to but more like a professional version of LEGO).

With the latest offering, Arckit has gone big, and, depending on which kit you go with and how many add-ons you choose, really, really big! The Arckit Cityscape, Cityspace XL, and Cityscape XXL all come in the original architecture white as well as beautiful pastels (for the cool roofs). The kits come with 45, 125, and 220 pieces, respectively. The Cityscape kits are for ages six and up, though I know my four-year-old will love it, and are great for eductional endeavors as well as fun builds for not only kids, but folks of all ages. These kits help you design beautiful little cities. The Cityscape kits range from $21 t0 $98 with pricing varying slightly if you can snag an early bird pledge or not.

Masterplan and Masterplan Pro kick it up yet another notch. These kits allow for designing and building skyscrapers, bridges, and more. Who wouldn’t want to design such gorgeous cities? I am dreaming of having one of these “glass” beauties sitting on my desk where it can catch the sunlight every morning. The kits come with 300 and 1000 pieces, respectively, and also include the addition of adhesive graphics for adding extra details to your buildings. The Masterplan kits range from $130 t0 $536 with pricing varying slightly if you can snag an early bird pledge or not.

I did also want to point out that all of the kits are compatible with each other so its possible to mix and match any of the kits. Every reward tier has the option of adding on any of the other kits as add-on options (so you can throw a little color into your Masterplan, for example). And there are even educational reward tiers that give a discount for getting kits in bulk.

If you love architecture, a novel take on building toys, or perhaps a new way to build dioramas for your futuristic robot toys, check out Arckit’s latest offering ASAP!


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