Get a Brentwood Home Mattress Under $400; LEGO Base Plates for $7 – Daily Deals!

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Daily Deals 052917

We’ve reviewed Brentwood Home’s high-quality memory foam mattresses on GeekDad previously; the short answer is that GeekDad Jamie loved it. Brentwood makes really nice, environmentally-friendly mattresses that they’ll ship to you all over the country. They already save you money by not having brick-and-mortar stores where you can take an awkward lay-down in public that tells you nothing. And today, they are offering an amazing Daily Deal through Amazon. Their most luxurious 13″ thick mattresses are all on sale today. Queen sized is under $400, and the King sized are under $500. Check out the deals!

Every construct needs to start with a solid base, and that’s especially true with LEGO. Today, you can pick up an official LEGO green base plate, 10″ square, for just $7.


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